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Cat Dancing!

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I picked up a Cat Dancer for my Mom's cats last week because they were going on vacation and I'd be checking in with them in the evenings. I figured they'd be happy to have a new toy to play with me with while they were gone. Bunny loved it! My lil prissy missy loved it! Pumpkin and Olivia got into it too, but I don't have many good pics of that. DH had the camera and then some were blurry since they were moving. But here's a few cute pics anyway!


Pumpkin and Olivia!
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Very pretty kitties looks like they were really enjoying the dancer
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They look like they're having fun..

They're really cute!
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Ah, yes! Cat Dancers are very popular in my house too!
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Oh my gosh I had Noodles going with hers a while ago. I was only holding about 6-7 inches of it out and I started spinning it really fast. Her lil head was trying so hard to follow it just fell right over! If I only could post videos on here ya'll would die laughing!
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