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As I'm checking who's in favor of piercing and tattoos, I'm finding one thing in common, you're all pretty much 25 and under. I only say this because I remember at one point I thought that way too...it didn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's how you do your job and treat others that counts.
One thing I have learned though, and it IS sad, that first impressions make a HUGE difference when you're applying for a job. One place I worked at (a bank) a guy came into the interview dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt. The interview was cut short, even though he knew how to do the job. It was only because the 40+ people were calling up my boss at the time saying "You're not REALLY going to hire him are you?". The sad thing is that it could've just been that's all he had in clothes.

Unfortunately many societies are are still this way. The news with place a picture of some guy with a nose ring and tattoos on a report and it'll be associating him with some sort of violence. We (in general) tend to think that someone with tattoos and piercings are upset, evil, and mean. Same way we stereotype a lot of things.
Even one woman here where I work is concerned about another girl we work with. She thinks that the girl is depressed and that's why she tries to pierce herself all over. The difference is the woman is 50 and was brought up differently then we are today. The girl with the piercings is 24. We're brought under a level of self expression as opposed to "what is proper". It's going to be a while (5-10) before its widely accepted in the workplace.
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I feel this is turning into quite an IMO thread, but I would like to add my opinion!

Yes, I may be in favour of educating people about those who are pierced (and I am under 25 and pierced!) However, I am starting my own business and my Mentor is well over 40 and has the most utmost respect for me and what I am doing!

I do not appear to offend people around my local area or the city centre and have had people favour me over my wheelchair using sister and 60+ mother when asking for directions! (plus the people who've asked have been extremely well dressed with rather upper class accents!)

I find that it is quite shallow that people find that piercings are unprofessional! Weren't we all taught, as children, to not judge a book by it's cover?!

In my personal experience, selling work and meeting people, they find me as I am and I appreciate that they enjoy my participation in their work and experience!
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I have a nosering and a 14-gauge in my upper ear. And a huge tattoo, but most people never see it unless its summer.
You know, I've had a couple of jobs that had restrictions on it. One was food service and they didn't care what amount of metal you had in your face as long as you took it off before you started work-- some kind of health code, as it was food service. Another I had to take it off, but they have a uniform there. Khakis, polo shirt, hat, black shoes, the whole deal, and no piercings more than twoin the ears. It didn't bother me. Half the employees had piercings, but we took them out. My one now seems the most professional, but I'm allowed to keep my piercings in. I also work for a University, so it may be more liberal.

Really, I think people can judge you by the things you choose to change about your appearance. If you come into an interview dressed like you're going to an amusement park, or if you go to the beach wearing a suit, or whatever. I'm not sure why people are offended by tattoos or piercings, but they are. And if you know that people will be offended, why not get retainers, etc. You are still you regardless of what you look like, and if they will be more willing to get to know you without being distracted by it, why not? I know it seems wrong, but people have different sensibilities and tattoos and piercings were viewed very differently not very long ago. Its the same as how I take out my nosering when I visit my Grandma.
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When I worked as a bookkeeper, I occasionally had to go to the storefront to run registers while cashiers were on break.

I sport 25 tattoos, a lot of them visible, and 15 piercings, all but two are visible.
I also had a mohawk of green dreadlocks, or bright blue or fire engine red, etc.
This was in an area populated primarily by the 65+ crowd, retirement age.
We were across the street from an assisted living home, 99% of our business was with the elderly.

Most of the sweet ladies never made a single judgement about me based on my appearance, they were all such lovely people.
In fact, most of them made requests for my next haircolor.
I would always oblige the requests, as long as it wasn't pink.
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Arlyn, that made me smile just picturing it.
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese
I have 2 facial peicings (nose and eyebrow) and I'm going to be a teacher. We must be a lot more liberal here because it is easy to get a job and not very many people think badly of you.
And I am a public school administrator. Here in the States, educators are held to an even higher standard than most. I feel the parental community is still quite judgmental.
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