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My cats fight, please help.

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Hi my name is Nichole and Im 17 years old from Puerto Rico. I have 2 cats, Susie and Calvin. They are indoor cats, they've lived together for about 4 years. The age difference is like 1 year, Susie is younger, and they are both fixed. I live in a apartment with my parents. Since the cats have lived together they have goten along great, never had problems. But the last 3 days Susie has attacked Calvin, and all he does is hide like avoiding her. When Susie sees him she starts growling and wants to fight him, but then we separeted them putting them in different rooms. When we put them together again Susie gets along great again but after a while she starts fighting again. I don't know why this is happening after 4 years of them having no problems. I want to know what to do because my mom is thinking of taking Susie to the pound and I would hate for that to happend, we cant take her to the Vet either because its to expensive. Please give me hints on what to do before its to late.

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Hi Nichole, Welcome to TCS!!

I would worry that she may be sick or in pain, with the sudden behavior change.
You can try Feliway, I recommend the spray, instead of the plug in, it has pheromones to help calm kitties. For now, I would separate them in different rooms for now. Try reintroduction in a few days, when she has had a chance to have some space away from Calvin.
I am sure there will be much more experienced opinions coming in. My thoughts are with you and Susie, I hope Susie starts feeling more like her old self soon.
Also, you may see if your vet would take a payment plan, if things don't get better soon. Keep us updated.
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I think she might be sick/in pain too, please take her to see a vet.
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This situation is a change in her behavior so I think she should see a vet.
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I'm thinking they should both see a vet.
Since she's on the attack and he's on the defense, it sounds more like he's possibly ill, not her.
But erring on the side of caution, both should be seen.
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