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My parents have a cat that is outdoors only...they didn't get her spayed in time because they ran out of money with my mom having 2 operations in six months on no insurance. I live 3 hours away so can't help with this personally, but they are trying to figure out where mom cat is keeping kittens so they can get her inside before she gets pregnant again (they assure me they will spay her when kittens weaned).

1) Any tips on convincing mom to show him her kittens? She is pretty tame, but he tried to follow her and she wouldn't show him. Maybe they're too young yet (2 days old).

2) Is there a certain age they should be before he touches them?

The kittens are only 2 days old. Mom cat is usually pretty friendly towards dad, but for some reason she won't show him the kittens. I'm getting worried sine I'm reading she can get pregnant in a week.

I suggested closing a box up and making a door so she can have something secure to go into and maybe will use it, but wonder if anyone has better ideas. He needs to get them out to where he can move them and her inside--fast!