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Hey! I got a Question?

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My cat, Miss Kitty, had her kittens about 2 weeks ago. Two of them have already opened their eyes and briefly the third opened his eyes, then I got up one morning and they were matted together with green "crustiness", I've gotten them open twice with warm water but more green goo keeps drying them shut. What is this and what can I do to help? I have no idea what to do for the little fella and I feel awful seeing the other two look around the room while he lays in the corner with his eyes closed.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

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Your new family needs to go see a vet. That green crustiness could be evidence of a virus or infection and it would be better for them if you could take them in to have the vet look at them. Please don't try and pry their eyes open with a wet cloth or cotton ball or anything like that. Congrats on the new family!
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If I remember correctly, she had a possible infection right before she gave birth, correct? If so, he might have picked it up on his way through the birth canal.
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I thought about that, but the very day after I posted this message, Little Butterball, which I have nicknamed this little kitten, cleared up and opened his eyes. I hope he's alright, what could I do for him if he does have an infection? Isn't he too young to give antibiotics?

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No, they are never too young for antibiotics, they just get a tiny drop or two. I would still take them to the vet for a check up becaue if they had an infection, it's most probably still there. Has the mom been tested for Feluk? Is she an inside/outside cat? Are you a breeder or is this an accident? If you're not a breeder, I encourage you to have mom spayed after the babies are weaned.

Keep us posted on the babies and mom's progress.

Good Luck
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No I am not a breeder this happened by accident. Miss Kitty is an inside kitty but before I adopted her she was a stray that came to my door. I don't know how old she is I thought she was just a kitten because she was so petite. My boy, Sam, got her pregnant, but now both he and Stink, my other boy have been neutered. Thanks for the help, I will get them to the vet as soon as I can. Also, can the fact that Miss Kitty has a cataract on one of her eyes be any indicataion as too how old she is?

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Young cats can get cataracts same as older cats can. Your vet can tell you the best how old Ms. Kitty is by looking at the condition of her teeth. How are the kittens doing? Beware when they start running around- nothing is safe! LOL Have you kitty proofed the house yet?
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That "cataract" on her eye could be a sign of some type of virus that is present. I had a cat that had the herpes virus and he developed a type of ulcer, it was called a celosia. I hope I spealing it correctly. It was caused from the herpes virus and left untreated it would have turned into a cataract. Of most importance have Mama tested for feluk/aids virus. This is very important because if she is infected so are all her kittens. I'm not trying to scare you, just giving you advice that will best serve you now more than later.

Keep up posted.

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