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The music of your life

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A lot of people talked about music as a thing that defines them. So what are your top 5 songs?

In no particular order:

Funeral for a Friend by Elton John
Domino by Genesis
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel
The Stranger by Billy Joel
She's Got a Way About Her by Billy Joel
Home By the Sea by Genesis

No fair going over 5!
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I actually just listed some of mine in the GETTING TO KNOW YOU PART 2 post. Dido, Pink Floyd, Tanya Donnelly, 70's music like Abba and the Bee Gees.
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Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon
Sounds of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel
Leaving on a Jet Plane- Peter Paul & Mary
Go Where you Want to Go- The Mama's & Papa's
Lonely Girl- Dion
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Okay, I am such a music person I cant list just the songs. There are so many that I really like. I am just going to put the 5 groups I listen to on a daily basis.
Janis Joplin
The Cranberries
(latley)Limp Biskit
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cant we post more then 5?! pleeeasssse? i was actually going to post something similar to this as a new thread! i asked a question in the getting to know each other thread -
what 10-15 songs would be on your autobigraphical mixed tape/c.d.? so if you were to make a tape of what music expresses you in a way you relate to, really feel is apart of you, what would they be and why?

i'll post mine in a bit.
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Now, this isn't only songs, but albums as well, because I associate the albums with a person or event:

1-The Wall/Pros and Cons Of Hitchhiking - because it provokes thought when I'm feeling down and need a serious bearing. For my more melencholy moods.

2-Listen To Your Heart - Because it is a song that brings memories of when I dedicated it to my first love and those happier days.

3-Dido-Her entire CD - because it has memories of a shared time with a special lady friend (NOT a lover, just a friend) and a night that she and I shared together and we talked into the night.

4-Pink Floyd's Final Cut-Because it brings memories of my best friend Mike and our foolish youth and he set me onto this album the first time that I heard it.

5-Tanya/Donnely/Belly-With her songs it brings a feeling of contentment and I love putting on one of her cd's when the sun is setting or it's raining out.

6-Kiss The Girl (Little Mermaid)-Because it makes me think of Helen when we dated, long before we became best friends and some shared times with her.

7-Enigma and Enya-For when I'm feeling seductive. Enigma and Enya provokes thoughts of intimate times shared and this tends to put me in tjhe mood, so to speak.
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I like several songs.....

Right now, I like "With Arms Wide Open," by Creed; some song by Lifehouse (words go.... falling more in love with you....blah blah blah) come to think of it it is either Lifehouse or Lighthouse; Fuel - hemmoraghing (sp); Breathe, by Faith Hill; If You're Gone, Matchbox 20
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Igger, that Lifehouse song is called Hanging By A Moment. It's a great song and one I should've had on my list too.
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Yeah, I still have them written on a peice of paper in the glove box. This way next time I get a bug to buy a CD I know the name of the group. God help me if my CD collection was ever stolen...there goes about 2 grand in music!!
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That autobiographical CD would have to be a box set for me. Each disc would be for a different mood. Since I just got home from an AC/DC concert, I'd have to add a few of those to the list.

See, Blue? It has to be 5, otherwise I 'd never finish my post!

And Sandie, as if the CD collection weren't cumbersome enough, I bought a burner a few months ago. That can be addicting!
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Wow...this is hard...I have so many favorites!!! I just had my stepdaughters boyfriend burn a cd for me, with several of my favorite songs on it...so I will see if I can remember some of them, without having to go to the car and look....there are 16 songs on it, but I'm sure I will only think of a few...but they are all favorites of mine.

Love is like oxygen (by sweet)
Dance into the Fire (Duran Duran)
Feelin' Love (Paula Cole) (from the city of angels movie and soundtrack)
Electric Avenue (cant remember who does it right now)
Total Eclipse of the Heart ( Bonnie Tyler)
Lady (by styx)
Abracadabra (Steve Miller band)

So into you (Atlanta Rythem Section)
Real Love (The Doobie Brothers)
Magnet and Steel (can't remember who its by)

Okay....now I am drawing a blank, that's all of the 16 I can think of.
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Okay - here are mine in no particular order:

The musical score from Phantom of the Opera (yes, I know all the words to all the songs)
Its all coming back to me now, by Celine Dion
Hotel California by the Eagles
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Rain down on me by Melissa Ethridge (I don't know the real name of the song, but its one of my favorites)
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Ya know, we have a burner and oh by was I mad when they took Napster offline!! My hubby made me some awsome cd's!! I have such a wide range in taste that its hard to keep all those cds in my car. I have to listen to music whatever I am doing...even up here!!
It looks as though we all have such different music choices
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Sandie, I know what you mean. I have some pretty diverse music tastes. I have burned some CDs that probably no one else in the world would want to listen to, but I enjoy them. I haven't listened to the radio in the car for the past 3 months. I figure I'm not missing much. Reminds me of the scene in Crocodile Dundee when he comes to NY and says he saw tv once, turns it on, and it's an old I Love Lucy rerun. His comment is "Yup, that's what I saw." That's about what I figure I'm missing on the radio.
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LOL Deb, that is so funny!!!! And Rene..I love Fleetwood Mac!!!! I have their "best of" CD!!!! I love Gypsy and Sara especially!!!

So did anyone at all like ANY of the songs I mentioned in my favorites? Or am I alone on that? LOL
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Come on, Debby! The minute I saw Love is Like Oxygen, I thought, well, that makes 2 of us who like that song! I also like Little Willy and the Ballroom Blitz by Sweet.

Other good choices of yours are the Duran Duran song (is that the one from James Bond- A view to a kill). Styx in general is great. I saw them twice in concert within the past couple of years, although my personal favorite is a song called Suite Madam Blue.

Hey this gives me an idea for a new thread!
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Oh my gosh Deb!!!!! You have seen Styx in concert...not once but TWICE? I am sooooo jealous!!!!

And I also love Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz (Sweet) I have their 'best of' Cd also,

And YES the Duran Duran song is from a View to a Kill

Glad someone else likes my music!!!
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And were they ever GOOD! It rates as one of the best concerts I've seen. The first show they had Pat Benetar opening for them. She was great too!

I like most of the songs that have been for Bond films. That is one of the CDs I am thinking of burning.
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Like I said Deb, I am SOOOOO jealous!!!!!!!!!! Too cool that you even got to see Pat Benetar!!!!! (heartbreaker, dreammaker, lovetaker don't you mess around with me) LOl
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All music is precious, but here's my present selection song-wise (in alphabetical order):

"Army of Me," Björk, Post;

"Fool on the Hill," The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour;

"Rabbiteen," Jack Off Jill, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers;

"Singin' the Blues," Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra, The Best of Ken Burns Jazz;

"Smooth Operator," Sade, The Best of Sade.

Mind, these are subject to change without notice! This is basically a list of "popular" tunes and doesn't reflect other forms of music, which I appreciate as well.

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Debby -
I love Billy Joel - I have five of his CD's -

The best concert I went to was a concert that spanned almsot thirty years! I saw the Rolling Stones in California at Altamont when the Hell's Angels killed a fan - they sang two songs and it was a real down day for everyone. 28 years later I took my 18 year old daughter to a Stones Concert in Connecticut and shared my music with her. It was awesome - and I got to hear the whole concert!
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Debby, I am not a big Billy Joel fan or Duran Duran, but I do like Pat Benetar. I have reseved buying a cd for when I buy my 68 camero. The song baracuda is my favorite.
I wish I could say I have been to more concerts. We dont go much because when I get into big crowds of what seems like idiots...I go mental. I did get to go see Metallica ans Guns and Roses at the Rose Bowl and my hubby took me to see the YES reunion tour. Last year we went to a show that had all the up coming teen idols...UHG my daughter is 6 and is a Brittany fan!! Oh and I went to see a Greatful dead tribute band at a secluded beach in CA.
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Oh Guns & Roses would've been a good one!!!!!!
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Debby-- I am a big Billy Joel fan. In fact, my first concert ever was the Stormfront tour in 1989. It was so cool! He is just a great performer. I have been sad about his retirement from pop music, but admire the integrity that led to his decision.

Does anyone like country music? I am a big fan of the Dixie Chicks and really any other female singer. Where I come from, it is taboo to like honky tonk music!
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I am a HUGE Billy Joel fan. I think I'd have to narrow him down to my favorite. I saw him in concert with Elton John in '94. That was a show to end all shows. Since then I saw him in a small performance at the local university, only about maybe 500 people, where he performed, but also answered questions from the audience. Saw him one other time solo. He's awesome!
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I am very jealous! Was it as incredible as it sounds? What a great experience!

Is anyone here an Indigo Girls fan?? The Indies & I go way back
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The Dixie Chicks kick ass! I'm sorry, there's just no other way to put it -- not for me at least. I'm not a fan of "country" music in general, however. Guys who wear headgear indoors don't impress me, be they cowboy hats or backwards baseball-caps. Say, whatever happened to "country and western" music? Remember the "western" part? That's been too long gone. My father was a big Sons of the Pioneers fan, even though he was totally a big-city guy.

What turned me off to so-called "country" music was all that "10-4, good buddy" ignoramus malarkey from the 1970s and '80s. It was a celebration of ignorance; and I think a lot of former fans became just that -- former fans. But I've always appreciated the real thing, my favorite modern-times album being Sweetheart of the Rodeo by The Byrds (accompanied by various artists).

If you see a band perform live, in person, it's great no matter the genre. Entertainers have a way of entertaining which is lost to broadcasting and recording. More and more, live in-person entertainment is becoming a luxury for the middle class -- as ticket prices soar out of sight. More's the pity, as we all need exposure to the arts.

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Ya know, I'm reading your posts and going..."Yeah, I like that, I love that group...oohhhhh, that ones a good one"...and I realize I'm getting old. Thanks! LOL.
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Well, we don't want you to feel TOO young, Chuck....LOL Have to keep you in line!!!!! LOL
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The little intimate Billy joel thing I saw was the best by far. He talked about composing specific songs, the history behind them, and each song's evolution. We got to ask about Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, which is one of my favorites. He told how the song began with the "Brenda & Eddie" part and was sort of written from the middle out. He had a piano on stage with him and played too. Yum!
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