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kitten "Sits" not "Squats" in the litter pan

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when my 6 month old kitten uses the litter box she sits in it when she has to pee so that in the end, shes sitting in her pee which leads to her getting out and then sitting on the carpet or on the bed or anywhere and getting pee there too. she eventually cleans herself but not before making a mess. does anyone have any recommendations? i use Worlds Best and i thought maybe it was because i wasnt putting enough litter in her box, but it still happens so maybe theres some sort of SUPER- ABSORBANT litter that just soaks it right up, faster than the rate she can pee right.. lol.
any suggestions would be great, thanx
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Doesn't she dig her a lttle "potty hole" to pee in?? If she isn't digging,maybe the litter irritates her feet.
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My Willow (approx 10 months) also sits in the litter! We also use World's Best and I have tried numerous other varieties without success!

I am hoping that he may learn to squat from my other two kitties, but if he doesn't, I feel it is something that I will have to live with! (I really don't mind too much! ) If they are comfortable that way, I don't see a way of taking that away!

Just remember, so long as they're sitting, they're not spraying!!

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas though!
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If you can catch her when she comes out, wipe her off rather than letting her try to do it herself by washing - that can't be good for her!
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ya she diggs a little hole, thats why i thought that i should put more litter in, that way the hole will be deeper, but she still sits and ends up getting it on her. but i dont want you guys to think shes sitting in a big deep puddle of it though... it just ends up getting on the ends of her fur, just enought to make alil "butt-stamp" on my sheets. ya i figure this is just here "style" of "going" and i doubt its going to change. i keep her litter box pretty clean so i notice she doesnt use it when im gone at class. i can hear her "digging" when im home and i usually clean her bottom up for her... but she still insists on cleaning herself after i have... but now that im on that topic, do you think i should be bathing her, or atleast her bottom when this happens? or is just damping it with like a paper towel good enough?
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