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Anyone do this?

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When I put socks back on (if I've taken them off for some reason) I have to check and make sure they are on the same feet they were before... because the big toe makes a space in the sock that isn't filled up by smaller toes.

For some reason I'm very very picky about this. Anyone else?
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No, but I think that's cute. I hate when socks get turned around though so the heel is on the front of the foot.
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I know exactly what you mean! I do that too! I've just never told anyone until now.
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I do that a lot! If I take my socks and shoes off, I'll put the sock in the shoe of the foot it was on..
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I have certain socks that get especially formed to one foot or the other, so I try keeping them on the right foot. Others, like my thin gym socks, don't really matter as much.
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Yep - I do that too!
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I've never really thought about it before, but I do it too.
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I don't do that...but the thing I'm anal about it where the "Heel" part MUST line up with my heel!
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I do that too
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Nope. I rotate them so they wear evenly.
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I put them back on the same feet, can't stand em otherwise.
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No, thats just weird!

(Just kidding!) I don't do that, but I'm sure I have one or two other odd behaviors. But maybe not!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
No, thats just weird!

(Just kidding!) I don't do that, but I'm sure I have one or two other odd behaviors. But maybe not!
I agree. Weird...

I don't notice a difference between feet, but I MUST have the toe seams and heels lined up or it bothers me. I also don't like having the cuff twisted either.
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I TOTALLY have to do that too!! It's just too weird to have your baby toes swimming in sock
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yep im like that too

Does anyone iron their socks??
My mum does and i have to admit i have taken on that tradition!
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Yep. Ima weirdo.
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Yes! Most of the time I can't put back on a pair of socks that I have taken off! It just feels weird to put on already stretched out socks! Yuck!
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Why heck yeah.......everyone knows that right-footed socks don't fit very well on a left foot.

Winter Hawk
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When I take mine off I lay them next to the shoe I took off and the same foot. I have to put them on the same foot they went off.
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