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Originally Posted by FamilytimeRags
No, it is from the coccidia itself, I would assume. Most kittens can experience vomitting and diarrhea.
How is the babies weight doing? More importantly are they staying hydrated?
I can't remember now how many days of treatment they have had yet, but I would call and find out if there should have more of an improvement yet. You can find out if they feel it is necessary, to change medications, or to just wait for the medicine to work.
You have done a have great job with the babies. You are still in my thoughts, please keep me updated.
EDIT: I also want to say, that with both the vomitting, and the diarrhea, they can become dehydrated very, very quickly, and go down hill fast.

I just hydrated the one who is vomiting and has diarrhea. I only got about 5ccs into before he started fighting me off so i put him back with mom in the hopes he would have the energy to feed. I also just got off the phone with the rescue and they are making me a vet appointment.

I wish i felt like i was doing i good job...i feel like i'm desparately clinging to these guys. oh...i wish she would hurry up and call back with that appointment.....
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It is going to be okay. You have done great by keeping a close eye and keeping them hydrated.
I know how you are feeling. ((Hugs)) Hang in there!! I am sure you have had very little sleep over the past few days, and you must feel exhausted.
The vet will be able to reassess the kittens, and things will hopefully get easier soon.
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Originally Posted by FamilytimeRags
It is going to be okay. You have done great by keeping a close eye and keeping them hydrated.
I know how you are feeling. ((Hugs)) Hang in there!! I am sure you have had very little sleep over the past few days, and you must feel exhausted.
The vet will be able to reassess the kittens, and things will hopefully get easier soon.
Thanks for the hugs...i am exhausted (mostly mentally from worrying). You get so attached so quickly. Would you recommend bringing in momma and the kittens or leaving mom behind. She's pretty skittish and libel to not be friendly with a vet. Will she be ok with them when they get back?
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Update: so went to the vet at 1130 to get them all checked out. The vet doesn't believe it's coccidia and thinks instead it's something viral and has put them all on anti-diarrheal meds and they are going to be dewormed (though this has to wait since Archie has a fever near 104).

The vet also wants me to start introducing them to wet far 0 interest on all parts.

Any hints or tips to get them started on this (i thought I had to wait for mom to get them started on that?)
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With little ones, I usually feed them Pro Plan for kittens with KMR squirted all over & mushed-up. Try putting a bit of this mush onto your finger tip and smooshing on their may be surprised when they lick it and look for more. Be forewarned...once the go for it in a shallow dish or paper plate, it is quite the messy adventure. They sort-of push at & shovel it with their noses and paws...very messy but very cute!!

My opinion is, when they are ready...they are ready...don't like to push the little-ones into eating.
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I always thought that too (not pushing them into it). I mean when i found Lucky at 4 weeks old she dove headfirst into the wet food like she hadn't eaten in months. I guess that led me to believe that kittens take to wet food easily. I've been putting out an extra dish when i put out mom's wet food. The extra dish has a little bit of wet mushed and warmed with KMR. So far no interest. I did smush a little bit at Annabelle since she was awake...but no interest. The wet seemed to think it was important i get them on idea why. Mom seems content with the way things are...I guess once i day i'll keep trying with the extra plate and see what happens. It will probably be easier when they are all feeling better.

thanks for the advice....

good vibes still needed for Archie and the rest of the family
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Oh, my goodness...I can't believe that you are still struggling so much! I hope the new medication does the trick for Momma and babies! The kittens are absolutely adorable! I hope they start the solid foods for you soon...

If it wasn't for you, it is very likely that this entire beautiful family would have persished! Thank you for working so hard to keep them alive!
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I am glad to hear that you got to see the vet and new medication. I hope that they start feeling better soon.
I have had some kittens start eating between the 4th-5th week, but it is rare for our babies. They don't mind laying in the warm mush though. Usually, I see them becoming more interested in the 6th week. We give our Momma's wet food that is diluted down with warm water daily, and we will have the kittens each take a couple of licks off of our fingers each day starting around 4 weeks old. Then once they are ready, they usually take off eating.
If they are beginning to lose weight, because the Momma starts weaning them, then you can try baby foods such as chicken.
I don't usually see them eating the dry kibble until between 7-8 weeks old, and more experienced at eating the dry between 10-11 weeks old.
This is just my experiences though.
Don't become stressed, they will begin to eat solids when they are ready.
I also want to agree with Beckiboo, this furry family has been so blessed to have you. You have done a wonderful job.
I look forward to updates.
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Pro Plan isn't one of the best foods here, I'd consider it to be one of the worst. Well for our Persians anyway, they have sensitive stomachs.

I've only had time to flick through but what wet food have you decided on?
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I would recommend Hills A/D or Nutro, as a canned food.
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They're both good brands. We're quite limited to what we have for raising kittens here in NZ, I've only ever seen Royal Canin formula.
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Thank you all for your kind words. I'm exhausted but hopeful that things will turn around. Annabelle (who was the first to be sick) is full of energy and pep and tearing around the enclosure now. Poor abigail was up last night heaving and archie had one incident as well. All abigail wants to do is sleep and cuddle with momma so i'm hoping a day of rest is what she needs to fight off this bug. They aren't dehydrated so i'm letting things play out to along with the meds.

Momma was quite upset with me taking the kittens to the vet. When i came back she was drooling quite badly and acting off. She refused to eat until I tempted her with a can of tuna and some temptations. When i left this morning she was on my bed taking a nap (and even let me get ready for work while lying on the bed! -quite the breakthrough!).

I actually only have the wet food that the rescue provided. Actually none of it is kitten food so i might go ahead and invest in some kitten food for them. None of them show any interest in the wet food (tried it heated, with KMR etc) though annabelle showed some curiousity about the tuna. I think i am going to wait till everyone is feeling better to start trying to get them to eat wet food.

I hope i am doing the right things. This is my first time fostering and I feel in over my head right now.

Here's a picture of all the babies yesterday....

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Momma cat is still drooling (day 2), she hasn't touched her dry food and has only eaten a small amount of wet today (and only when covered with tuna). Could this still be a sign of stress from me taking the kittens away yesterday? Or another blow to her immune system with the virus? Momma can't be handles so i haven't been able to test for hydration.

Not sure if i should sit tight....or call the rescue again for advice!?
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Looks like momma's drooling is due to the calici virus. The director of the rescue stopped by and we tried to get a hand on mom (no luck). But from the looks of it her mouth is swollen and that's why the drool. I'm assuming this is gonna impact her ability to feed the babies? I tried kitty gruel again and Annabelle took to it like a duck on water. No luck so far with Abigail and Archie...maybe when they are little more hungry. It looks like the litten ones are starting to feel just got to get the healing vibes headed momma's way.
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