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Tuffy bolted out the back door,,

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Hi, As long as I have had Tuffy here he never seemed to want to go outside. So this morning I am letteng the dog back in and watching Angel so she don't get out and the next thing I know Tuffy has bolted out the door. So I ran and got some shoes on to try and see where he went. He stayed around the back yard but he wouldn't come to me so I just followed him around calling him and he is talking back to me but won't let me get close enough to catch him. So I give up thinking he is going to take off exploring but when I headed to the back door he beat me there wanting to come back in. I was so affraid he was going to take off with no collar or ID on him. So I put his blue collar back on when he came back in and I am going to order a tag with my name and address on it for his collar.

Then after he came back in he sat by the back door and cried. I have no idea why he wanted to get out so bad today when he never even acted like he wanted to go out before. We do have or first weather in the 70s the last couple days so maybe spring fever?? There is also a single morning dove on the ground by the windows in the mornings so maybe he wanted to go after it? There was a pair of morning doves here till a couple summers ago something got one of them and killed it. I found what was left of it by our back yard fence. I think a cat that used to be loose around here may have got it.

Any one have any ideas as to why he suddenly took off out the door???
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Just something new to do. He might have seen a bird and went for it. I find when the cats get out I don't actively try and pursue them. Instead I focus on something behind them and completely don't pay attention and as I walk by I scoop them up. If I look like I'm going for them though they run.
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There are lots of birds out and around now, and noisy, calling to each other to mate, etc. and my indoor birds are making a racket trying to communicate, plus my cats are spending a lot of time at the window. Also, other cats may be out more now too, and 'looking for action'. Whatever you do, don't give in now (after his one outing) because he'll get over it in time, but even 1-2 more times, and you'll have a huge nuisance on your hands!
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I ordered a small tag from Lucky Pet today with my name and address and "Tuffy" on it to put on his collar just in case he does get out and takes off. He stayed right near us when he first found us in the campground but he was also very sick and hungry so maybe that is why. I would hope if he does sneak out he would stay close to home and not run off. I would be just sick if he took off and I never saw him again, or worse he got hit in the road. We live on a street with allot of traffic.

Angel sneaks out allot but she stays real close to the house, she just rolls around in the dirt and grass for a little while and comes back in or if a stranger walks by on the sidewalk she gets scared and runs to the door. I need to get some more pet grass for her.
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Hi, I don't know whats up with Tuffy, He sure wants to get outside for something?? He sits by the back door and meows this weird meow like he wants something but I have no idea what he is after. Yvonne said he was on my dresser knocking things off it trying to get to the top part of the window like he was trying to get outside that way.

Yvonne said to get one of those leashes that has a string that reals out and take him out side and see where he wants to go, but I am affraid if he goes out side he will just try to sneak out all the more. Maybe I need to get some pet grass for him, We had some before but I never saw him eating it, it was Angel and Panther and sometimes Missy that ate the grass.

Kids get on a school bus right next door in the morning, I wonder if he saw someone he knows? How far away can cats pick someone out of a bunch of people that they know? He can watch the kids in the playground right near or bedroom window.

I wish I knew what caused him to have such a change in the way he is acting?? I have not seen any other cats roaming around outside the house. When I came in tonight he was at the back door talking to me and I kept saying you can't go outside but he kept talking back to me as if to say "I want to go out!!!" I have been spending almost all day outside the last week or so since the weather got nice so I am not spending any time with him during the day, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. He normally sleeps most of the day anyway, but today he has been all worked up about something most of the day and didn't sleep much. I wish I could speak kitty so I could tell what he is saying to me.
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Apart from birds, etc., he may not know what he wants, just that 'out there' is interesting. Remember curiosity killed the cat!
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I remember reading about Tuffy's illness and how you found him, but I don't remember if he was neutered? (I'm fairly sure I picked up that he was though, somewhere.)

Other than that, I think it's spring and they all want to go outside and smell the fresh air! Mine are all trying to get outside every opportunity they can too. Perhaps you have a window with a screen that you could leave open? My kitties always appreciate that.
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He got "fixed" a couple months ago, The vet didn't want to do it till he was real healthy. I think part of it is he misses me, I have been outside allot lately working on our old motor home. I am repairing the front upper bunk in it, its all rotten from water damage. Its turned into a major job so I need to get it done since we have to sell it now since we got the big one. The "new" one also needs some work done to it and our first camping trip is at the end of this month so I am killing myself to get things done. I was outside from 10:00 this morning till 8:45 tonight and he jumped on me as soon as I sat down like I have been gone a month or something. He was talking up a storm till I petted him for a while.
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is he neutered? if not then he may have caught a sent of a woman in heat but you should think about getting him neutered and get one of those chips in his neck or back that way it will be easier to find him him ever takes off like that again and god forbid not come back
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Yes he is fixed now. See my last post above.
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Hi, Tuffy's new ID tag got here today. I was affraid it would be a big heavy thing but its not. I ordered the cat shaped one for small animals in plastic. Its dark blue to match his collar. It cost me $10 for the tag but its worth it if he ever runs off and I get him back because of the tag. I will try and get a picture of him with his new tag and collar.
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