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the Kat Kubes look interesting, but i like to be able to use my patio as well... besides, they're in Australia... and there's no indication they ship to the US. I can also probably make something similar that's custom to my patio... where I can still use the space myself... the main problem is securing it so it won't tip over. Also so they can't move it and get loose from under it. Jack is quite the crafty little furball. I'll design something eventually. I'm working on an enclosure for their Littermaid first... good Lord, those two track their litter everywhere... and no, the ramp doesn't help in this case.

Back to learning and designing...

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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
EDIT: I see you are not in Australia..LOL
Here is another

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He's 2 and has been an indoor cat since he was 6 wks old. He has learned to open the patio screen door. We then put a stick in it on an angle to "lock" it, so he then pushed the screen out in the corner using his head. We have now renovated by removing the patio door and putting a window....yest we came home from work and my son tells me the cat pushed the whole window (frame and all) out and is hiding in the shed!!!!
My husband has had enough with him, he has scratched all our door frames and scratches the backs of our kitchen chairs. Now the screens. I was told I brake him of this or he is gone.
So I found this site last nite and took the information a bit further. I went to Pet Valu .
I bought 10m of Sticky Paws for $21.00 cdn + taxes and I also bought a spray can of Hagen "Indoor Repellent".
I also lined the window sill with aluminum foil (which they don't like). He never went on the sill at all today.
I'll keep you posted on how all this stuff works.
(I live in Manitoba, Canada)
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