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My Big Fat Lazy Cat!

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Hiya, I've just inherited a new kitty and shes gorgeous. However shes quite overweight and incredibly lazy. I mean the only time she moves is for food or toilet lol. We've altered her diet but I'm still thinking that she needs to get those muscles working. She can't jump very high and avoids it wherever possible, shes had tons of toys and she just ignores them all except her scratching post. She just wont move! lol. She's an indoor cat and about 9 years old I'm guessing. she has had some trauma in her little life including being bullied by several dogs in where she used to live and has recovered from cancer a few years ago. I'm just wondering if anybody has any tips to get my kitty moving, I'm sure she'll enjoy life a bit more and the extra freedom she'll get by shedding a few pounds. So any tips?
Thank you in advance!
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You can try interactive toys....i know my cats love the laser light. You might be able to entice her a bit with that? Hope it works...
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lol i shall try that. Yesterday at feeding time i tried to coax her to move by moving the bowl out of its nomal place and she would eat itwithin a 6 step radius but after that she would rather lie in bed! Only venturing out to reach it when she's finnaly resigned to fact that the food isnt going to come to her!
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I didn't realize my cat was missing!!

Seriously, have you had her checked out for arthritis? My kitty seemed to gain weight and really slowed down around age 8-9 and I think it's because she was starting to get arthritic. She's improving now that I'm giving her glucosamine-chondroitin, but she's not limber enough to play just yet.

You might try putting her food and water up on a top step of stairs. That would get her moving some. Also, if you've not had her for very long, she's probably still getting acclimated to your home.

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Arthritus... That thought never even crossed my mind :S Ive had her for about a year now. and shes lost a significant amount of weight in that time. but not enough she still waddles rather than walks. but yea its possible shes still getting used to us.. I tell a lie... there is sometime she'll do some excercise she has a hatred of my boyfriends socks .... when he wears them... so she'll lie down and bat at his feet lol. I should get her checked for artiritus, I'll need to save up for the vets first though! lol. and putting her food on some steps thats an excellent idea!! She'll hate me of course lol, but you got to be cruel to be kind! Thank you
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