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Sammi Is a Mommy!!

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What a day its been here! This morning after the kids left for school Sammi wanted to stay on my chest - and nothing else!! She showed no other signs of labor - not even nesting yet - (although my bedroom looked like a war zone with 6 different places for her to go!) I brought her into one of the boxes she seemed to be "hanging around" the past few days and she went in and stayed in as long as she had eye contact with me.
Contractions started at 10:43 - by 10:49 she had 1/4 of a baby hanging out of her and she was obviously not doing so well on her own. Not my first choice, but I guess it was the correct thing to do, I "helped" it out - (boy did she wail!!) #1 born at 10:50...tan and beautiful!! She took right over and did "her thing" - (thankfully I went to the proud grandparents corner and watched).
At 11:22 with one loud "mew" #2 entered the world!! Dark grey...
#3 made its entrance at 11:44 - a lighter grey, and very strong!! Yay kitties!!
By 12:08 all were nursing and I was breathing much better - (I was under the impression she carried 3, or so I thought)...
#4 surprised us at 12:26...this was after I cleaned up the birthing box, put all nice dry stuff in there, heated up the rice thingys...cute little tan baby!!
Talking with hubby at this point, when I checked in on things and yup....#5 is feeding away!! Looks black, or very dark grey....1:05 pm
All 5 are happily feeding right now, got this quick shot but will post better ones once they have a good feed and rest...

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Congrats on a smooth delivery!
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OMG the pretty orange girl had her kitties!! (I don't always remember which cats go with each sn but I remember your girl!!). She is so beautiful. I'm sure her kittens will be lovely. Any orange females?
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Glad to know mama and babies are doing well. What a beautiful family!
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I haven't sexed them, or weighed them yet - I'm waiting for things to settle in for a bit!! - I think all but one are Hemingway - in fact I counted 7 toes on one!! - mom only has 6!!
I'm so happy!!!
Thanks for all the support!
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Wow! They're all so beautiful! Yay! Congrats on them all...so absolutely adorable.
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How exciting! Congratulations! What a beautiful momma cat. I am so glad things went smoothly for all of you --

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