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Some people

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I am really sick of the way some of the people where I work act. This is once again about one of the girls who is late to work EVERY DAY and is constantly talking about someone.
I went to lunch and left the office and she stayed here because she isn't taking a lunch as she is leaving early.(Surprise surprise, not) Well I had a customer come in and she wouldn't help them. She went to the breakroom to get someone else to do it. Her excuse was she doesn't know how to do it. I trained with her and she was supposed to train with me but she never came to my spot to see what I do. That is her problem not mine. She expects the rest of us to pick up her slack when she has a driver come in to turn in paperwork and she is on a smoke break. So much for that I am not going to do it. I will walk outside and ge her before I help her out.
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This girl's poor work habits are either being noticed by her boss(es) right now or they soon will be noticed. It's probably just a matter of time and she won't be employed there anymore. Hang in there!
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Hang in there Brandi.....she'll get hers someday!
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I wish. My boss isn't the repremand kind of boss. She is too sweet. I lvoe her to death but I wish she would get tough with the slackers already!!
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If enough people complain your boss will have to do something about it...especially if one of those people goes to HER boss.

Maybe if you made the girl feel uncomfortable about working there. I.e. instead of saying "Yes" to do her bidding so that she can have her smoke break, say "no". If she's a back stabber she'll eventually get sick of everyone saying no to her and decide to leave on her own. Oh yea, and stick up for your coworkers too when she talks about them behind their backs. Just by vocalizing that you don't like her complaining then she'll clam up.
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She already wants to quit and I am just waiting till she either gets fired or finds another job. She knows she has it good here so she will stay as long as she can. Plus she has 2 "friends" in the office. We have a pretty even split of those who like her and those who don't.
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