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Flea and tick stuff

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For the last few years I have used DeFlea spray for the girls ... It worked but now that Zoey goes out regularly I need better protection... I am confused about RX flea stuff thanks to the commercials so help ... which works best ??? easiest to adminster?? cost effective for three or more ??
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I think that the Revolution stuff is great- in protects against heartworm as well as fleas and ticks, so as far as cost effectiveness its like a 2 for 1 thing
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Over the counter flea meds rarely work and some are downright dangerous to your cat and can even cause sickness and death.

You are best to get your flea meds from your vet according to your cat's weight. We are taking our 2 in on Saturday for weighing and getting their summer supply of flea meds that we put on them once a month until October/November.

Bijou and Mika take different doses since he is 16+ lbs. and Mika is under 9 lbs. I believe Revolution covers fleas, mites and ticks whereas Advantage covers mainly fleas (I could be confused about that so ask your vet for clarification).
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I find frontline to be quite goos flea protection for my kitties. You can buy it from a vet in the UK. I think its in the US too
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I use the revolution and Skittles was a outside cat. The new vet here was impressed that she was so clean and had no fleas or ticks. I told him what I used and he said wow you are the 5 person who told me they love it. His office does not carry it. That floored me. He is going to now
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I was using advantage, but I just got revolution from the vet today because I couldn't get Cindy to take her heartworm med. This apparantly covers fleas, heartworm, ear mites. Sounds pretty good. Kinda pricey at the vet, but you can find it cheaper on the internet.
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I like the fact that it is like a 4-1 killer.
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We once had a cat with fleas and we used advantage. It worked amazing.
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I am not saying advantage does not work. I think it does, but I went for the other because it did the heart-worm and the mites fleas eggs...It was worth the few extra dollars
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