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7 Precious budles of fluff

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Last night around 10 we here a loud mew. So we go running into the bedroom, taz had birth two kittens and had one half out. I was freaking out so i left the room and was screaming shes having babies, luckily i was online chatting with my husbands cousin who has bred animals and birthed many. So she calmed me down. I went back in there to find a forth baby being delivered. A red one. The only one out of the bunch. I took them all out, cuddled and dryed them, then with taylas advice, tied different colored yarn around their neak very loosly, which Taz chewed off i might add. Then i put them all back.

By 1 am, she hadnt had anymore kittens so i gave up and went to bed. Not before i went picture crazy though. Taz didnt seem to mind, she was just happy i was there, she was purring SO loud.

I kept waking up at night hearing mewing. ( im a mom what can i say) and around 3 my 2 year old came into my room like he does every other night and crawled into bed with me. The mewing woke him up and he wanted to see tazzie, I kept distracting him to go back to sleep. Finally he did and i was able to get him out of my room. I forced myself not to check on taz. i didnt want to bother her.

So i got up really early. 7, i wasnt set to get up for 45 minutes, just enough time to shower and get ready for the 1 year old i watch, But before i do anything, i check on taz. Shower thoughts outta my head, too many people to call. 7 babies!!
Most are like her, tabby, only darker, one is a calico, hes black with orange sploches. There are two that are dark with white faces. One with stripes on her face. I mean they are so pritty. And one little lone red guy. GUess he takes after daddy!

Taz was so good, she let me pick up all of her ( dry) kittens and put them in aclean towel in a new box so i could clean up the other one. SHe watched me for a split second, then got out and went to the litter box and stopped to eat and drink, when i came back she was still eating, so i put some fresh clean towels down in her box and moved all her babeis back. After a cuddle and some petting of course!

Shes now purring like a mad cat in her box, all smug and pleased with herself. And as long as i dont come around too much, shes good, when i come in, she immediatly flops onto her back for some pettins and the babies dont like that.

Shes doing great and im doing great and wooo.
7 big healthy fluffballs, cant even tell if there is a runt, they are all about the same sized. about 2 inches long, maybe 3, i didnt measure.
well im gonna go get her a slice of ham, shes a good mama,did lots of hard work, deserves some meatey treats.
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YEAH 7, All fluffy and soft!
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Congrats on the new babies, Tazzie sure will have her paws full
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That's incredible! Congrats!
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Congrats on a smooth delivery.
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