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I've been keeping a near paranoid watch on Echo's(RIP) brother, Nigel (who my sister is taking), because they were perfectly identical and I believe they were actual twins. But I weighed him this morning and he's eating just fine. He gained a whole ounce last night! So that's good. One reason why I was worried, other than Echo passing, was becuase when we weighed them last night, Nigel hadn't gained anything from the previous day. But he's doing well, now, for which I'm very thankful for!

Thank god for postal scales...they really do help a LOT.

The others I'll weigh tonight, but I'm weighing Nigel twice a day (but evening time is the one I record...the morning time is merely for my peace of mind), but the others in the evening after my dad gets home, so he can help.

I can't believe what an absolute joy these babies are to me...and the fact that Gemma looks upon me as their Nurse. She's an AMAZING mom...just by the way she handled things from the START lets me know she's done this before.

Possibely later on a family friend will be coming over and bringing her two little boys, so they can have a look. I'm really nervous about it, but Anthony and Andrew are old enough to listen to directions without putting up a fuss (Anthony, I think, is 9? and Andrew is 7...I think). I'm still nervous about it, though, and how Gemma will react. I know she lets me, my sister, and my dad handle them without a whiff of nervousness (except for when we weigh them, but that's a necessity, but I think she knows that) idea how she'll react to kids and perfect strangers.

Oh! It was so amazing. This is the second time I saw her carrying a baby! I don't know why, but I've ALWAYS been fascinated by this! (I even have a big framed picture of a tigeress carrying a cub, with her other one following behind her...I love tigers!) Anyways, we were weighing the babies last night, and she was cool with it, at first, but they're all cry babies so she was getting a tad nervous, and right when we finished with Crash (Foxtrot, who my sister is also taking) she grabbed him and ducked into the nursery box. The others we had set up on a blanket on my bed so we wouldn't pull out any that we had already weighed.

Let me tell you! They are growing SO fast. They're such little miracles and joys...even if they are being naughty. I really love helping Gemma take care of them, and it's just all just so wonderful. I really, REALLY want to foster, now. Even with all the possible death and dangerous stuff(poor echo, but he did help break me into it...), I still want to do it. It's kind of in debate, for possibely fostering a mama during the summer, but I don't know. Mom said "We'd talk about it when I get back," so...*crosses fingers*

I'm still really weird about supplementing with formula, because of Echo. I know it wasn't the formula that killed him, and that he probably had the swallowing problem, but it's still one of those mental things where my mind connects 'death' to 'feeding formula,' it's silly, but I'm mental that way, and I'm so paranoid about a LOT of things, that it's amazing that I've been doing so well with not being overly paranoid with the kits.

Again, thanks everyone for kind words about Echo, and the help you've all given me. I truly love this site and the people in all are real gems in the cat world (and human world ) and I don't know where half of us n00bs would be if it weren't for you!