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Beautiful Long Haired White cat needs home

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I do hope you find a family for this baby. Is there a Humane Society that she can be taken to? I think that's the best place for it!

God bless...
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Robinrs - The Humane Society in our area does not do so well. At least placement wise, and my friend LOVES cats.

She is fanatical about her little guy, which is a good thing, because she cares for him a great deal. Marshmellow (the white cat) actually waits in the driveway and trots right up to you when you pull in, it has its front claws, and is extremely lovable. It broke my friends heart when she was brushing the cutie when she saw that its pink little toe pads were all dirty from being outside. What she really wants to make sure of is that this cat winds up in a loving home. She has called a few animal shelters, but the are either kill centers or not returning her phone calls. She is actually willing to take it to the vet for a check-up and clean-up, but she doesn't want to do that until she knows its next stop will be its new home. And as I said she can't take it in without seriously upsetting her own feline. So, we are stuck. She is going to try to get some pics of it, so I can at least put them up for people to see. If you know anyone who can provide a loving home, please, let me know. Thanks.
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Hello all,

One of my dear friends has a neighborhood stray. It is a beautiful, long haired, white cat that she refers to as Marshmellow. They have been feeding it, and she has recently taken to brushing it. It is one of the most lovable cats I have ever met, not at all afraid of people. My friend wants to find it a home. She wants to find someone who will take it into their house and give it proper medical care.

I personally cannot take it (or I would) due to financial reasons, and the fact that I currently have two cats I am not supposed to have at all (Shhhh! And don't worry we are going to move). She cannot take the cat because she has one of her own, that freaks out everytime another cat is even in the vicinity, plus her boyfriend is allergic, and well, the one cat is enough. She called local animal shelters, but has not gotten any good responses, and she doesn't want to take it somewhere where it could be euthanized (sp?). So, she is putting the word out to anyone who might want a cat. It will require a vet visit, but she is almost positive it is flea free. There is a chance of ear mites. No idea about sex, or past vet visits. And did I mention this cat is wonderfully tempered? Really sweet.

If you are in the area of Northeast Pennsylvania and are even remotely interested, please drop me an e-mail. even if you aren't in the area and are interested, please let me know.We have a mission to find this cat a good home. If you need more details, or any contingencies, we can work with you. We really want to find a home for this purty poodie. And yes, we can send pics of it (I hate calling it an it). My friend has a digital camera and I am sure we can take a few. So, if you are interested, let me know. Thanks all.
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I am moving this thread into the SOS forum. I hope you find someone that will give this cat a loving home.
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They let people post free classifed ads.
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I don't know the geography of PA, so not sure if these are possibilities:

Ad #240508 Cat: DLH State College,PA
Male Long Blonde fur 9 months old named "Hank"
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Ad #245186 Cat Semi-longhair Clarks Green, PA
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contact: Nicole 570-585-7211 Naspen@aol.com
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Ad# 241763 Exton,PA
looking for white persian or himalayan, any age, any gender
contact: christine 609-792-8284 JoiseyDMB@aol.com
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Thank you alexnell.

That site should be helpful, and thanks for posting the ads.
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