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Goodbye little guy

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Just wanted to remember a sweet, little guy named Ghost who was PTS last night after it was discovered his kidneys had ruptured. He was only about 5 months old and was most likely FeLV+

RIP sweet boy, and play happily with the other bridge kitties, knowing that you were very much loved and touched the lives of many people.
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Im sorry you never got to see your sisters again, Ghost, but one day you all be reunited and never have to be sick again. If you were anything like your sisters, you were an adorable spunky little kit I wish I would have the honor of meeting you
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I'm so very sorry for both of you at this sad time.

Have fun baby Ghost, you'll have a whole lot of new friends to play with over at rainbow bridge

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RIP Ghost - enjoy those wings
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(((Ghost))) RIP, sweet one.
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R.I.P Ghost. Say hi to Sassy if you see her..
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Godspeed over RB, little Ghost! I am sorry that you had to endure the rupturing of your kidneys. May the love you leave behind illuminate your path to Heaven.
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R.I.P Ghost. May you find a happier place for you in heaven.
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How sad

RIP little one
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It's always the hardest to hear about the babies. RIP Ghost .
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RIP sweet little one, Ghost. Enjoy the Bridge and make lots of friends.
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Only 5 months old..how sad. I am terribly sorry for your loss..
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Condolences on the loss of sweet Ghost. Rest in peace, dear one.
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Sweet Ghost
RIP little darling.
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