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Litter Box Training a Stray

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Once I get this adorable stray home there is one problem, litter box training. My mom is going to make me keep her on the porch (Its warm outside.) until she is trained to use the litter box. I haven't litter trained a cat since I was really little and I admit, I don't remember how to go about it. Any advice?
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Cats usually litter-train themselves, since burying their waste is a natural instinct for them.

If she has ever been a house-cat, she'll take to the litterbox with no problem.

If she has lived outdoors all of her life, she may not understand what that clay stuff is for. If that's the case, initially fill the litterbox with Organic Potting Soil (no pesticides or fertilizer, just dirt. Don't use the dirt from outside because you'll end up with a bug problem...). She'll know what to do in the dirt. From there, start mixing in litter gradually so that she understands that the litter works the same as dirt. She'll use it like a pro in no time!
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Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks!
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I have also heard that leaving a poo in the litterbox will help kitty know what it is for. So when you scoop, just leave one poo on top. Also, kitties do like 2 litterboxes, so maybe put one with the soil, and the other with kitty litter. Lots of kitties transition right to the kitty litter quickly.

Congrats on your new kitty!
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My cat was outside her whole life and all I did was fill her litter box with fresh step, put her paw in it and make a scratching motion. I don't know if you're supposed to do that (?) but as soon as I did she jumped in the box and peed and hasn't ever used anything but her box. Actually, if we go on a walk she waits to come in and use the box. You might want to see if the cat will just use it naturally. (You didn't say if she would or not, maybe she won't and you already know that?)
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Well she's a stray so I don't think she's ever used a litter box. And also, I want her to be an indoor cat. I don't like having to worry all the time about whether or not the cat got hit by car. I've also had a death because the cat was an outdoor cat, so this cat will be a strict indoor cat. No outside for Miki. I'll try just letting her do it naturally. I guess we'll see.
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When I first took in two stray kittens (one of which I still have), I confined them to a small room (my bathroom) and placed a litter pan inside. The litter was a mix of potting soil and my preferred litter, and I included some poop from my Angelo's litterbox. If they made a mess on the floor, I would put in the box, including the urine-soaked paper. They caught on in a day or two. When I felt they were ready to leave the bathroom after a few weeks, they were completely litterbox-trained.
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