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Our daily thread for Wednesday March the 21st

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Hi everyone!!

Boy, this place is getting busy! This is so much fun!

We've had something of a heat wave these past few days and I'm glad to say today was cooler. They say it's going to rain by the weekend - I hope it will!!

Please let me know what you think about the insurance issue (thread here in the lounge). Also, I've added a thread to the feedback forum about the site's newsletter - so I'd love to hear what you say.

Have a great day!
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Hey All!

Anne- I liked the links on the newsletter. Your updates on interesting threads were very cool!

We've had on- and- off rain here, but it is lovely now. I worked at the school today and am now enjoying some relaxation time before I go do an unpleasant task.

Has anyone here ever read "The Magic of Thinking Big?" I am right now, and it is really changing my thinking. What do you all think?

All is well,
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Today is my birthday, my 21st. (21 on the 21!)... Roger is making me a steak dinner (mmmmm steak) and a devilish chocolate cake.

To start my morning off well, Quinn was quite happy to see us this morning. He was pawing at my arm and rubbing his lips against my hand (which he always used to do).. I think he's feeling a little better, which is always a joy.

I took a biopsych test this morning, and I think I failed it. Oh well! The prof. drops the lowest test grade, and I did well on the other one.

Roger bought me a wooden jewelry box with a Celtic design on the lid, and a $30 mall gift certif hidden inside (Whee! I'm going SHOPPING!)...He also flooded my inbox with Blue Mountain cards! My mother bought me a wonderfully comfortable office chair, and she sent me 2 cards. We're having some friends over Saturday for a "birthday feast" and hopefully that will be a good time. We're going to have so much food. I'm almost afraid! hehe

That's just about it for me today. It's been a good day.. It's beautiful outside, really warm and sunny. Combine that with the fact that Survivor is on tonight and I'm off school AND work tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty good overall.

Have a great day, everyone. I am.
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Happy birthday Frogsy 21 is such a great year

The weather is sunny but pretty cold here. I cannot wait for summer

It's Wednesday, my boyfriend and I are going to the beach this weekend. We are staying in a bed and breakfast I am really looking forward to it. I have been trying to plot a way to sneak our in with us, I don't think it will work

I hope everyone is having a great day
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Happy Birthday Frogsy!!!!! I wish I was 21 again!
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Happy Birthday Frogsy
Well, here in CT it was rainy all day! The wind is supposed to pick up and the rain continue until tomorrow sometime. I sure do miss Ca on days like this!! We had patients in the clinic all day today, so I am dog tired tonight. It is only 1 vet, 1 tech and me. Ever since I got home hubby has been working on another computer so we can have our own server and dont have to pay for web space. So I am assuming I wont hear "are you still on that computer!". I am sure everyone will be offline tonight watching survivor..LOL. I hope everyone is enjoying the fact that we made it to mid week!!
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Happy Birthday Frogsy! Ahhhhh, 21. I remember 21. Oh, to be 21 again! LOL.
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Anne, I left a reply on the INSURANCE post making a suggestion or two.

And I JUST signed up for the newsletter, but have yet to recieve a copy. But, I will certainly be happy to give feedback when I get the next one.
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Happy birthday Frogsy and I am happy that Quinn seemed to be a little bit back to his old self. I think about him a lot and I really want him to be okay.

It was a long day at work, rainy and cold outside and I came home with one of those headaches that could turn into a migraine. Also, I got a call today from a vet friend of mine who needed help with a special abuse case. It is blunt trauma to the brain and the poor kitty is blind. To make matters worse, not only did someone hurt this kitty but the vets found the owners who said they don't want their cat anymore because she is blind! She is a young, sweet thing and she has a 50% chance of regaining her sight. I found a special needs home for her (I did not have much time because the vets were going to euthanize her). I cannot believe her owners no longer wanted her!!! We are such a disposable society.
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