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This disturbed me...

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This is an article that was in my local news paper on April 24. People like this just make me so angry.

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That is a sad story. How hard is it really to take the poor animal to the Humane Society? Did they really have to leave the cat to die slowly from suffocation? Thank goodness for the lady who immediately went to check what was dumped. At least the kitty has a chance now, and maybe people saw the article and wanted to adopt her and others like her. Hopefully there is a happy ending for her.
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SusieQ - I think that the woman who found the cat said that they can't keep the cat inside since one of their kids is allergic, and since she is declawed they don't want to keep her outside since she wouldn't be able to defend herself.

I completely agree with you. This has become such a disposable society. But I guess when you think about it, we shouldn't be too surprised about people seeing pets like that. Think about how many babies have literally been thrown away. Pretty sad world we live in.
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How I wish that woman had got the license # !! I think the cat will find a home. Once the story hits the papers or t.v. there are usually a lot of requests. People like to know individual stories. We all know that there are hundreds of animals in shelters, but when we read a specific story about a specific need we react a lot more quickly. Someone spent a considerable amount of money on that cat at the vet, yet threw it away. That's why I keep urging people, "Never offer a pet as FREE TO A GOOD HOME!" How fast will people be willing to give up a free pet? It's so sad.
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