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The kittens are doing great they are starting to wiggle around alot ,soooo cute. Thier eyes should be opening soon , they will be one week tommorrow.
(YEAH!!!!!!) Please keep them in your prayers inlite of the lose I dont wanna count my chicks before they hatch. I think they will be just fine though. Here are some pics of the I want you guys to pay close attn: to the one with the two side byside .The one baby is have the size of the others and he was the first. The orange and white one is Tiny, the dark one is Spock,the light orange one is Cotton and the dark orange in Tom Cat.
Let me know what you think and as always thank you all for the support!!!!

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So tiny!!!
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Oh, you're right! I forgot how little they are at that age! Such cute babies!
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They are sooooo cute. What pretty colors Mine are only 2 days old so Ive only touched them once. I can't wait to hold them and have them chase my feet around the room Congrats!!
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So cute and tiny. Happy birthday
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Awwww......they are adorable!!!!
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