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Cleo is just hanging out

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He has that "I am the King of the world and what do you have to say about that" look on his face! Great shot!
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Those are great pictures, Hissy! He looks so handsome!!!
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He will be 10 years old this month. He is the one that if I put him inside, he eats the wall trying to get out!

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Hmmm looks like he might already have eaten a few walls to me Hissy!! Look at the size of him!! :LOL: He's beautiful though... nice and snuggly just how a cat should be.... Not bad looking for an old codger eh?? hee hee.... hes gorgeous...
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Cleo is beautiful! He looks pretty tough, definantly like he could do some damage if he wanted to do so.

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He looks right at home in the trees! Another gorgeous cat you've got.
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I think he thinks he is a leopard! What a sweety!
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Hanging out in the tree like that he reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland ....he is wonderful
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Hell603, you're so right. If we wait long enough there will be only a smile. Well, he certainly looks well fed and happy as the day is long. He's a handsome fellow, so tell us, Hissy, why does he have (whisper) a girl's name? I like his tree, too. You must live in a beautiful location.
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His full name is CleoPatrick. We call him Cleo or Cle for short. He is up in our apple tree in that picture, here he is on the ground in the shadow of the deck
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