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Shopping deals!

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Bri(my lil sis), the two dogs, & I went shopping yesterday. We took the dogs to the pet store. Then we shopped for us(don't worry, I checked on the dogs every 1/2 hour to hour, no more, went on walks a lot, water all the time, etc). I got a new piar of K Swiss shoes one sale for $50. Bri got a new pair of Phat Farm(I have never heard of them before) shoes for $40. We were in Old Navy & got 4 tanks for $5 each, we each got a polo shirt(me pink, Bri navy). I bought mine because it was long enough to keep my behind covered. They were $10 each. Of course, we bought flip-flops(when we got home, I discovered Bri has 27 pairs of flip flops!!!!). Bri got mroe scrapbooking stuff. The dogs each got a new toy(& Macey ripped her to shreds before we ever got home ), more Nutro dog food, treats, & they both got new collars! We left about 10am & got back about 9 pm. bri had to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home, though.

I stopped in Office Max to buy inkers for the printer & a new phone for the office. It cost $250, & I put it on my credit card. The credit card company saw that & thought it was unusual for me, so they frove my account(they thought it was fraud). I couldn't reactive my account unless I called from my home phone, which was an hour away. Kind of put a crimp on our shopping. I had to write some bad checks & deposit money this morning. This isn't the first time I have had issues with this credit card company, so I am thinking about paying off the card at the end of the month & finding a new one. While I really liked the fact that they were concerned, it took me almost an hour to convince them to reactive my account when I got home. I didn't get to bed until late, then I overslept his morning & almost missed class.

At least I got sutff cheap! Most of the things I like weren't in my size or price range! I bought $50 worth of litter, too. Woo Hoo!
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Good scores! It's all the more fun when you get to go shopping with your sister too.
I think it's a good thing the credit card company was concerned. I wish they'd all be so proactive about stopping fraud.
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At least you got some good deals along with your aggravation.
I hate shopping, but in the quest to turn me girly, the girls at the salon have been taking me shopping with them on lunch hours. I did get a cute pair of green and pink Sketchers sandals for 5 bucks. They had been originally about 40. I have actually bought some cute tops to go with the jeans I will absolutely not part with. I have to keep the jeans and boots for motorcycle rides.
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Sounds like a fun day of shopping!
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You went to Mankato I take it?!

Phat Farms - they are so cute, John has a pair and so do I, I love them!

Sounds like you got some good deals!
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I have had the same thing happen to me, but the credit card company didn't actually freeze my card only the transaction.

I bought a new bike helmet and leathers which was quite a lot of money in one go and i guess the alarm bells rang because of that. They then contacted me to confirm that it was ok to allow the purchase to go through.

I dont think its a bad thing, but it would certainly cramp your style if your on a shopping spree.
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The worst part of the shopping trip was last night. I bought Da Bird toy for Twitch & Lily because of some good reviews I saw on here. The stupid thing broke after 5 minutes of play! The wire broke right by the red plastic part holding the feathers together! I am going to call them. I looked online & didn't see anything on how to contact them, but there is a phone # listed on the package.

I guess I'll just have to order replacement parts!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Sounds like a fun day of shopping!
hi natalie!
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