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I would think Miki would of gone in heat at the least last week...Maybe she isnt mature yet. It is possable she is and well pregnant....
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wait...are you saying she isn't mature AND pregnant? or either not mature OR pregnant.
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not mature yet or she is pregnant.
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ok, well lets hope its the first one.
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With Miki eating whenever you put food down--Maybe she's used to going hungry, and has taken to eating "whenever she can" whether hungry or not, and just doesn't know she now has a steady source of food? I know that happens in humans who can't get enough to eat for a while... but I'm not sure about cats.
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Well, I just talked to my grandmother and she says that Miki has shown no signs of going into heat. I told her the things to look for and she said she would keep an eye out over the next two weeks. She says Miki is eating less, so thats good. She's shedding really bad so I'll be getting her a brush as soon as I can.

Also does anyone know how much a cat tree/ kitty condo costs? It doesn't have to reach to the cieling.
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I got the tree at walmart cheap.
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I got my cat condo on EBAY!!! There is a few great sellers there. I only spent $23 on mine and the cats love it.

These are pictures from about 6 months ago but you can see the condo in them. Id have to dig around for a recent one..........its not huge but they like it well enough. Its by the maker Armarkat.
It has three levels......the bottom then the box house and then up top just a flat level, but thats where Stormy sits the most now.
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I love yours. I moved and can not get mine put back together. Hubby did it the first time. It goes all the way to the ceiling 4 or 5 levels.
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Id LOVE to get one like that. My cats are forever playing on this one and the higher the better. But they are still $$$ so we shall wait.
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I think I'm going to get one at Walmart or something. I hate buying things off the internet. I don't trust people enough. Rarely do I buy something online.

Well here's something funny. While we've been talking about Miki going into heat, my fiance's cat just went into heat for the first time. She is around 7-8 months old, while Miki is around 9 months.
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lol you really have to watch her now....
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I bet, if you were a handy sort, you could do it youself.
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Make my own? Well my mom had some left over wood and I asked if I could use it to make Miki something and she said "No, we'll just go buy her something nice." So, I guess my mom is intent on spoiling this kitty.
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Update: Well, I talked to my grandmother. She says Miki has really grown since she's been home. Miki is still the most affectionate little cat and I think my grandmother is trying hard to deny it, but I think she really likes Miki. My cousin is going to try and get me a cat tree cheap since he knows someone who works at a Petsmart. Only a week to go and I'm back home with my little baby. I miss her so much. Oh and she has crate-trained herself, according to my grandmother. She loves to sleep in a dog crate we gave her. I'm going to spoil this little kitty rotten.
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Hehe Don't forget to set boundaries, now... a kitty with behavior problems makes no one happy, including the kitty!

You will have to post more pics of Miki, of course
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Once I get home, there will be plenty of Miki pictures. I will set boundaries, especially if she is going to keep waking me up at night wanting attention and play. She literally laid down on my face when I didn't pay attention to her at night. And according to my mom and grandmother Miki gets along GREAT with Haley, Keltie, and Lacey. But she doesn't like my cousin's dog very much.
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Only three days till I'm home. Thursday, I leave after my last exam at 11am, so I'll be leaving by 12:30. I get to leave on my birthday! My birthday is Thursday so its like a birthday gift to myself to leave on my birthday. I'll be back around 7 or 8, but I'm not sure about the internet at home. I don't know if my mom has her internet hooked up yet.
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You wil have to send pictures of the famouse Miki.
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Of course, lots of pictures. Well I leave within the hour. My dorm room is almost completely empty. Just my lizards, and this laptop. My car is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Its a six hour drive , but hopefully the sun keeps shinning. Its been rainy all morning, but the sun is out now. *crosses fingers* Don't know when I'll be back on. Talk to you all, when I get home.
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Originally Posted by Soka
Of course, lots of pictures. Well I leave within the hour. My dorm room is almost completely empty. Just my lizards, and this laptop. My car is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Its a six hour drive , but hopefully the sun keeps shinning. Its been rainy all morning, but the sun is out now. *crosses fingers* Don't know when I'll be back on. Talk to you all, when I get home.
Have a safe trip and stay in touch...
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Well I'm in Richmond, and the drive home was interesting. For the last 60 miles my car began to act funny and I've driven it twice since I've been home. Each time it was only for short distances because the car is quickly getting worse. We are taking it into the shop today. (hopefully) Well Miki is (at the moment) in PetsMart getting a bath and getting her nails clipped. I've gotten her used to being brushed. She'll just flop down in your lap and watch t.v while you brush her. She's as cuddly as always, and gets along great with the other animals....well all except Nala, the new puppy. Nala is a bit to hyper for Miki. Lacey and Miki play and its so cute to watch. Miki doesn't use her claws or scratch while playing with Lacey, but we got SoftClaws anyway. We'll be putting them on her hopefully tonight. We notice at night, she gets really hyper and wants to play. She'll resort to using your fingers and hand as a toy, but if you say "Ow!" she'll stop, look up at you, and lick where she just bit.

I have limited internet access for the next week or two. I have to use the library. I've noticed something else about Miki. She doesn't scratch on furniture all that much. I've only once since Thursday, heard her scratch the furniture and she stopped when you tap her paws. Oh and another thing. The vet I was boarding her with obviously didn't know much about cats because he had said Miki was nine months. I knew this couldn't be right because of her size. So I asked the vet here in Richmond, and she said Miki looked to be about 5 months, 6 at the most.
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Did ya figure out if she was pregnant or in heat yet...
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Well, figuring that she's only about 5 months old, I highly doubt she is pregnant. She has started hanging around the back door a lot more lately, but she isn't meowing to be let out. She's still highly affectionate but doesn't eat as much as she used to. Right now she's sitting on the windowsill, wanting me to play with her.

She goes in tomorrow to be spayed. We are having her stay overnight on Wednesday, since the dogs would probably get in her face and try and play if we brought her home. Ah! She's chewing on my camera. lol.
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awwwwwwwwwwwww she sounds so adorable
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She is. She is going nuts over the feather wand I got her. Miki constantly wants to play with it. She goes in tomorrow at 7:30am for her spay. Its going to be weird not having her with me for a night. Ah well. She needs it done.

Also some news. I might try going to a community college next semester and moving back home. I can be with Miki all the time then, and perhaps even get the alter Mau for showing.
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Ooh, poor dear, she's going to be sore for a few days... Get well soon Miki!
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Well Miki was spayed and Microchipped yesterday. When I picked her up around 5ish, the vet said she might be a bit groggy, but when he brought her out, she was walking around in her carrier, wide-eyed and alert. She slept for a few minutes when I got her home, but other than a normal amount of sleeping, she's been up and about and wanting attention. She wants to play so badly, but I won't put her through any activity like playing for a while. I'm also keeping her isolated in the front bedroom, away from commotion and the dogs, since we have four of them running around.

Oh and a there is a blue/grey cat next door (the guy owns the cat, but I don't think he does more than just feed him and let him in at night.) thats been there ever since I was little. He's probably about 15-18 years old. He was the neighborhood bully and still has scars from his old fights. When I was little, he hated everyone and would hiss and run away. Today, I got down low and started calling to him. He meowed at me but crept closer. I went inside and got some kitten food that Miki refuses to eat and gave it to him. He ate it up really fast, and then began to rub against me, wanting attention. Its amazing how he has changed from that spitting bully to an affectionate old man.
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They say they get more lovable with age
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Yea, I guess thats true. I just remember how he used to be. If you took a step near him he'd growl and spit. Now he meows and comes over for lovin's.
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