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I went to the cat show Saturday...

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I totally know how you feel, because that's how I felt after I went to my first cat show last year. It was so much fun I drove to another show a couple weeks later. The Ocicats and Egyptian Mau were pretty cool! The Mau was very crabby, and they had to leave empty cages on each side of her when she was being judged because she was picking fights hehe.

I also agree with you about how the cats are different live than what you expected after seeing them in books and on the internet. I really liked the Burmese when I saw them at the show, but I hadn't even really paid any attention to them before.

I can't wait for next weekend. I get to go to my 3rd show (CFA), and I'll probably spend all day there.
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I am so glad to hear you had such a great time! I can't wait to go to my first cat show soon!
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...and I've been meaning to post to you all about it, but I've been sick! I'm still not feeling well, but thought I'd spend a bit of time on the puter this morning before doping up on Nyquil.

The cat show was WONERFUL!!! It was so much fun!!! I tell you, if you haven't been to one, you *have* to go. Any cat lover will be head over heals in their environment at one.

When we got there, we were checking in at the door and I could hear a cat calling and calling. It ended up it was a young Tonkinese that called the whole day long. lol She was noisy!

The first cat I saw was a Devon Rex. I never have been fond of them in the pictures I see of them in books (ducks bricks being hurled at head), but when the lady pulled her out of her cage and I saw how LOVING that purr-baby was...and then when she let me touch her... WOW!!! I was sold! What a cutie! And soft as a baby lamb. Their fur is unbelievable.

There were a number of breeds missing, but we did get to see: many Abys, Tonkinese, Maine Coons, Oriental Shorthairs, Persians, Siamese; several Birmans, Rexes, Exotic Shorthairs; and a few American Shorthairs, Balinese, British Shorthairs, Burmese, Havana Browns, Japanese Bobtail, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cats, Russian Blues, Scottish Folds, Somalis, Turkish Vans. There was also one of the new Burmese (Foriegn?). I wanted to see an Egyptian Mau so bad and was really disappointed I didn't get to! I did get to speak with a breeder of Maus that lives only a few hours from us. She is also new to judging, so it was great talking with her. I also didn't get to see any Ocicats.

It was wonderful to see the cats/kittens and the interaction with their people. There were orientals riding around on the people's shoulders. They would just hug and hug them! There were "baby's" in their "mommies" arms, just eatin' up the lovin'! There were ones that would play and play...chasing their feathers and toys. Then there were some that were hiding in their play sacks or under beds and would peek out so cute! lol I bet I toured the hall 24+ times and I still couldn't get enough looking at all those precious kitties!My 14 year old daughter and I fell in love with the Abys! They were sooo fun!

I really, really want to be a part of all of this someday...breeding and showing. I knew I did, but now I know it more than ever. The work doesn't scare me. The time and devotion don't scare me. The money doesn't scare me. My husband has agreed that this is THE hobby that would be perfect for me. It's going to be awhile before I can actually do it because I want everything to be exactly right before purchasing my first kittens, but I am patient! Wish me lots of luck, will you?! My kids (14 girl, almost 13 boy and 9 girl) are really excited about helping work with and show with me. I homeschool the kids and it would be such a great hobby to work on together.

OH! And wouldn't you know it... "That's My Baby" on Animal Planet had a half-hour show on Abys the other day with the birth and all...AND I MISSED IT!!!!!! My daughter came upstairs running and screaming about the TV, we turned it on, and it was OVER!!! I can't believe I missed it! So we are for sure looking every single day at which shows are on for the day! lol I really hope they replay it again soon!

Okay, this became a novel! Sorry!
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Wow! sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time!!! But then of course you would - you were surrounded by kitties!! I was supposed to go to a cat show last year, but for some reason (I can't remember why now) I couldn't make it - I was soooo disappointed.... but, theres always next time!! Glad you enjoyed it so much and all the best for your new "hobby" (I say "hobby" because we all know it will eventually take over your life.... :LOL: )
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I have never gone to a cat show, but I did show Collies, and we had a great time. It's very hard to get a championship on a dog, so the breeders usually have to be willing to travel to several other states. We knew our Sari would not finish, so we showed her locally. How did we know? She developed a slight overbite. She often got winner's dog, however, which is second place. When she was younger, she won a huge show in N.J. where there were dogs from all over the U.S. She loved to show! We bought her after the overbite developed, but it was still really exciting, because she almost always won her class, and she made my young son a shoe-in for junior showmanship. We got to see loads of other animal lovers, many different breeds, and most of all, we knew we had a quality animal; we were so proud! Many of the pups I bred went to show homes. I love animals, whether pure bred or Heinz or DSH, and have had all kinds. I see no problem with breeding to maintain tradition and quality.
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I know the feeling of both showing and abys and that's what got me hooked. I am not an allbreed Judge for AACE and an aby breeder. It's wonderful and if you are really serious, please read up as much as you can on abys. BTW, what association was it? When you're ready, let me know and either I can help you or I now have a very good friend (we co-own an aby together) who lives in your state. Also, feel better.

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