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stop cat from peeing everywhere

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How do you stop a full grown male cat from peeing outside the box? He still uses his litter box in the garage but still goes outside the box in the garage and sometimes in the bathroom if there is a towel on the floor or something like that.
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Firstly - is he neutered?? If not he could be sparying??
Also, some cats are much fussier than others - if the litter is not clean enough they will decide to do it somewhere else, it could also be that he dislikes where the litter is - if its near his bed or feeding area for example....or he could be stressed if you've only just moved him to the garage?....there are quite a few reason why kitties do this, but those are what I can think of off the top of my head! Hope they help, but if not, Im sure someone else will have much better suggestions for you!!
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It is always a good thing when this happens to take kitty to the vet to rule out UTI. Once that is over, and he has been cleared and he is still doing it, there could be several reasons why. It is Spring that there are pheremones in the air, and he could be getting excited if he is not neutered. He also may not like where his litter box is at, you can try moving it to a private area. You can give him more than one box to choose from. If you changed litter, he could responding to that. If there has been a change in the household such as a new baby or roomate, this is one way of getting your attention. As far as the towels go, I have a female that will pee on towels left on the floor of the bathroom, so the family just picks the towels up and doesn't leave them laying around, end of that problem.
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thanks, he has been neutered. He has also been doing it for awhile now. Will try and move the box and see if that helps
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My Sebastian just started this yesterday. He has gotten 3 spots on the carpet since yesterday. 2x yesterday and 1x today. I'm not happy with him. His mom is going to take him to the vet and get this checked out.

I'm not sure if its spite or what.
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It's definitely not done to spite, though I know it sometimes looks like it

I suggest you read these articles:
Cat Spraying

The Litter Box - How to Make Sure Your Cat Uses It

FLUTD - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

I hope they help. After you read them let us know if you think this is spraying or urinating outside the box.
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I dont think he is spraying. He is fixed, and he was squawting when I caught him the 3rd time. ( You should have seen the look on his face when I caught him..lol)

Its been a few days, and he has not done it since. I'll finish up on those articals and get back to you.

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I think a vet trip is definitly in order after reading the FLUTD artical.

He doesnt cry in his box, but he does seem to do a lot of licking of his unit, especially when he's being pet and/or purring. I have also noticed bloods in his poop's now and then (thought it was food adjustments, but has carried on for a few weeks now) he even smells VERY bad when he uses his box. Would picky eating habits have anything to do with this?

I mad a mistake and yelled at him for the puddles. Just read that is bad.
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Sebastien and his Mom just got back from the Vet. I was hoping for better news, but here it is so far.

They say it could be a bug, calitus (sp?) or Lucimia (sp?). They gave mom a glove and a little bottle to get a poop sample to take back and have tested tomarow.

He was neutered a month ago, and since then has only gained .1lb according to the vet records...he is 4.? lbs and should be around 8-10!!!

He was always very sheepish about eating his food, but would finish it over the day. The vet gave us a sample of different wet food, and he wolfed it down like it was outa style. We are going to switch him to the sampled food and hope for the best.

He isnt much of a playful cat, more a cuddle bug. The vet says that is a sign of lucimia as well, to witch there is no cure and he would have to be put down

My fingeres are crossed for it only being a bug.

{edit} Sebas is a Bangal, incase the breed may make a difference.
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