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I have this nasty wart on my finger and it hurts like heck! Has anyone else had one, and if so what did u do to get rid of it? Its like falling off, but it wont. And it is really hurting! Someone have any tips to make it go away?? TIA
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My ex boyfriend once asked his doctor how to get rid of a wart, and the doctor said that the best thing to do is to wait until it goes away by itself.

You can use wart treatment (which slowly burns the wart away) or a doctor can burn it off for you, but it'll only come back, until your immune system wins the battle.
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Yeah I hear they come back.....this ones falling off though! And I bump it on everything~ughh.....Maybe it will just finish falling off
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I had them once, and I went to the DR and they removed them, never got them again
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I used to have one like that on my knee...and a finger too! Believe it or not,a lady tied a string around it and as my aunt later told me,put the string in a dishcloth and buried it under a rock! They were gone in two months! I swear!!
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I used the freeze stuff in 3 days it was gone.
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They recently started selling OTC wart remover its the type that only doctors used to have.My son has tried the OTC kind and it really worked great for him its called Compound W Freeze Off. He has had them removed before at the docs. This worked just as well.
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That is what I used. It was nice no pain.
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I know this sounds gross, but my mum used to have warts on her hands when she was young.. her uncle told her to Wee on it every evening before bed
with in two weeks it was gone
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Am not sure I want to try that..Knock on wood I never get another one.
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I had one or two as a kid on my foot sole. I got completely rid of them with a wart treatment. Verruxin was the brand if my memory serves me correctly, don't know if it's local.
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Its still here today, and I have hit it so many times it is bleeding! So now its bandaged up......I am going to try and get me some stuff to remove it
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Put duct tape on it, I've heard from a lot of people that it works.
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Duct Tape does work!! I had a HUGE one on my leg last winter and someone told me to use duct tape. Put a piece over and and don't remove it for any reason except to put a new piece on for three or four days. When you do change the tape (because it does slip a little when you shower) clean it really well with a warm wet cloth. This will take off the top layers that are dying. It will look really gross when you change the tape (I know mine sure did) but believe me, if you can keep the tape on there for that long, it really does work!!
Be careful though if you have sensitive skin. My brother tried it and only managed to get a rash from the duct tape! LOL
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