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A wart on Spot's nose?

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How did it go at the Vet's - Is Spot OK???
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Yesterday morning, my son noticed that Spot had big bump on his nose. After examining Spot's nose myself, I would have to say it looks like a giant wart. It's not bloody, it's apparently swollen.

Spot's behavior hasn't changed, he's still happy and playful. His nose is still cold and wet. His eating habits are the same.

I am wondering if somthing bit him. Spot likes to hunt while in the cat enclosure. He has caught things like lizards, moths, roaches (yuck). He's your typical cat hunting for anything that moves.....

The weird thing is that this bump appeared within the last 2 days.

Any suggestions?

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I would take him to the vet, Kim. It looks strange from the picture, ouch!

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Ditto. He has an appointment tomorrow morning. I am very curious what this is… I will report back.

My guess is maybe it's a cat claw stuck in his nose causing infection. My cats have been known to whack each other in the face a time or two. I do recall having to break up a cat fight last weekend.

The only time I have seen my cats hit each other is when a stray cat shows up "outside" of their cat enclosure. (One of the pitfalls of having an enclosure, sort of) It seems like my cats become frustrated when they cat go after the "intruder," hence; they take it out on each other.

My poor Spot boy....

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