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Originally Posted by Soka
I thought Futurama was still on-air. I see it sometimes on Cartoon Network during Adult Swim.
My friend has a cat named Bender from Futurama.

My kitties...
Clover - I was in 5th grade and thought this was a cute cat name.
Autumn - She came with that name and it fit her so perfectly with her colors that we kept it.
Meeka - We thought she was a boy so named her Meko from Pocahontas. I always liked that name. Well lo and behold she is a girl so Meeka she became.
Hope - Hope was born with a chest deformity. She was no supposed to live, hence her name Hope. She grew out of the deformity and only has a slight neurological disorder resulting from this.
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I knew for years that when I was able to get kitties, one of them would have to be named "Renfield" after the bug/spider catching and eating character that did all the dirty work for Count Dracula. Given the origin of the name it would have to be the crazier, more spazzed out one of the two. The second name, "Rochester" went well with Renfield and sounded more dignified and sedate. As it turned out I got brothers and each one fits his name to a T- Renfield is a nutball and Rochester is very calm and magnificient.

Our third is "Loomis"- mostly because he LOOMS up on you out of nowhere. It first came to me because I was confused about the character "Toombs" from an X-Files episode- thought he was Loomis, so I used it.
He is also the only one of the three not a littermate, so he is a bit of a red headed stepchild so to speak.

When we are feeling particularly absurd we use made up full names-
"The Viscount Rochester von Cearbhaill"
"Renfield, First Duke of Cearbhaill"
"Loomis, Black B**tard of Cearbhaill"
-mainly because we are idiots over pet names.

(Cearbhaill is our old kennel name as well)
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Magnum - Magnum PI because he was so nosy as a kitten and investigated everything

Boomer - because he doesn't meow he makes this loud boom sound

Bumper - 2 part story - he has no coordination and bumps into walls all the time and we got him after he decided to hitch a ride to our house in the bumper of the truck one day

Scully - seemingly something to do with his big head but I think his previous owners were just closet xfiles fans
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- Lucy was already named when we got her.. plus, she kinda looked like a Lucy, so we kept her name.

- Sassy was already named, and she was definitely too old to change names..

- Stinky.. well.. I think it's kind of clear how he got his name..
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Originally Posted by laureen227
is that Welsh? how is it pronounced?
Actually it is basically made up. It is pronounced like POEM but with an "n".
It is from the "word" pwned. the guys who originally owned her were big role playing gamers, and they always say you got OWNED when they beat each other or whatever, PWNED is nothing more then a misspelling of that, it is a common mistake and a word they use all the time so they named her that.
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Wowzer - I didn't name her, but she was named that by my neighbor (she was his cat) because she meowed so much and it sounded like a "weow" or "wow". When she strayed to our house and decided to live here, I wanted to change it, but I didn't out of respect. I think her name should be Sassy!

Gracie - because we wanted a cat with a regular nice name (most of our other cats names that had to do with their appearance or personality... Orangie, Scaredy, Fluffy etc.)

Nate - didn't name him either. He came with that name. I wanted to change it too, but he came from my daughters bf and I'm keeping it out of respect as well.
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My cats both have people names, and it took me weeks to come up with both of them.

Samuel and Henrietta (Henri for short). It just fits them.
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Dion - Named after Dion Dimucci of "Dion and the Belmonts" They were old Rock and Roll band in early 60's.

Frankie- Named after Frankie Vallie, another old time singer.

Bast- Egyptian cat goddess

Mort- don't know hot she got that name, spur of the moment thing.

Ollie-The old time Stan and ollie actors

Stanley-Old time stan and Oliie actors

George- He was a starving stray kitty we brought in and we named him George for the vet visit, and it stuck with him.

Bubba - He was born a fat butterball, and was named chubbs which transformed into Bubba over the years. He is on the rainbow bridge, he needed to be mentioned because he was a very special guy!
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Able got his name via a play on words he was "able" to survive getting hit by a car and broken jaw that resulted from the blow
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Blackie, because he is solid black. Katie was originally Skat because she is so skiddish and eventually became Katie.
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Chiclet- Took us 2 months of having him before we named him. He has always been the type type to be at ur legs all thet ime when you are trying to walk, stuck like a piece of gum lol. My hubby said "Chicle" spanish slang for gum, but I was like, no that makes him sound like a big wad of gum, so I decided on my favorite gum........Chiclets, except he's ONE so Just Chiclet.But I call him Cosita (which means little thing in sponish)

Ashes- It's obvious look at her he he. Simple but great name for her. Altho I cal her Ciquitita (spanish for little girl) cuz she's so petite and so femenine =o)

Cheetoh- He's orange and when he was younger his markings were rond, he looked like a cheetah, but he's a boy, so Cheeto it is! Oh also, I think I was eatings ome cheeto's at that time, that might have had a role in it. I call him little man, cuz he's the baby

I guess I =call them all anythingthat is loving and comes tomind when Im calling the,. but to them as long as Im call them in that sweet mommy voice, they know Im calling them =o)
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Conner got his name from Highlander (shows and movies for those of you not familiar), after Connor Mcleod, but I chose to spell it different.
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I'm super bad at naming pets- I guess I'm not that creative... we actually had the hamster for about a year before she was officially named Blueberry - I still call her "The Hamster."

We got KC at a pet store and were told that he was a girl. We named "her" Susie Q. which I thought was very cute! Anyway, at a vet checkup we found out that she was a he, and we struggled between KC and Petey. I guess we chose KC because it seems to have more nicknames! (Kacer, KC Jones, KC-dilla, Kacorama, etc.)

When we were at the shelter filling out Sherm's info, I noticed the name Sheldon on the "Lost/Found" board. That reminded me of Shel Silverstein and from there it went to Sherman. I only ever call him Sherman when I'm mad however, he's almost always Shermie or Shermster.
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Thumper got her name because when she was a kitten, she kept thumping the floor every time she scratched (I know, not very original is it? lol)

Rat T - I have no idea! I keep asking myself the same thing.

Tater Dude - Well, he started out as just Tater. I just thought it was cute. Dude was added on because he acts like a dude. So he just became Tater Dude (sometimes called Dude Man).

Stinkie - Trust me on this...You do not want to know!
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Charlie was named after Charlie Brown. Crystal and Laura are male cats, but I wanted females, so that's how they got their names. My brother gave Crystal and Laura male names. Crystal's male name is Chris. Laura's male name is Chandler.
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Quill's original name at the shelter was Chopper, but I hated it. For the first day or so I called him that, but he never seemed to respond to it. So I looked at his tail and there was my inspiriation. It looks like a huge fluffy feather, and I also wanted to give him a literary sounding name. His full name is Sir Quill C. Plumington IV ... um ... don't ask .... OK, the C is for Chopper, and the last name is just made up on the spot. He needed a nice name, and I thought tagging on "IV" would sound all aristocratic and he's also the fourth cat I've had. There you go
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Oz came with his name from a rescue centre, I think he was named after Ozzy Osborne due to him being a bit mean and having, what they called "cattitude".

Our last cat was called Gizmo, 'cause when we got him at 6weeks old he was fluffy, with big ears and looked like the Gremlin.
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Well I have 6 cats...

Gizmo was already named when we got him from a rescue shelter...but very apt for him....don't feed him after midnight or he becomes a gremlin!

Tinkerbelle got her name as she was a dainty little thing and I wanted a pretty name for her. She flitters around like a fairy and loves heights.

The kittens....

Boris - after Boris Becker as he is a classic red tabby

Theodore - he's red/honey colour and looks like a cute teddy bear. Theodore reminds me of a teddy bear's name

Leo - he's also red/honey colour and looks like a baby lion

Amelia - a pretty name for a pretty girl!
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We are preparing for babies so all her babies are going to be named candies
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
We are preparing for babies so all her babies are going to be named candies
LOVE that idea. I cant wait to hear the names!

My Mr. Mushi Face got his name because his face is mushy. And Kipper was named "kip" when we adopted him, and kipper just sort of fell into place after a few days.
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Twix, Kit, Kat, Taffy, Mounds, Payday
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Twix, Kit, Kat, Taffy, Mounds, Payday
I love the names! Especially Kit and Kat!

Tailer was named by my stepson because, as a kitten, he had a remarkable long tail. (He's grown into it somewhat.)

Harvey was named after the old Jimmy Stewart movie with the six-foot rabbit that only Jimmy could see because he's very shy and nobody but the family ever sees him.

Forest was named by our vet who rescued him, after Forrest Gump. (He has CH and is a wobbly fellow.) The girls in the vet's office even taught him to come running when you tell him to "Run, Forest, Run".
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George and Gracie. George Burns and his wife Gracie Allen. A comedy team from long ago.
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I love those names Very classie
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Darn you guys...Being all creative & stuff. lol..

I wish I could have thought of cool names like that. Ok well my next cat will be named something cool too. lol... great names guys. LOVE THEM!
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Mystik: My sister named her because she has an "M" on her forehead.

Jack Daniels Joe Mason: I named him this because I wanted him to have a rock n roll type name and I was watching this TV show everyday and I had two fav. characters "Joey" and "Spinner Mason" so I took Joey's name and made it "Joe" and I just took Spinner's last name "Joe Mason"

Tracii Guns: Well I was going to originally name him "mosh" because I had always said my next cat would be named "Mosh." Well Tracii was just way too mellow to be a mosh so my friend was talking with me and said "Name him after like..your favorite guitarist or something." So I came up with "Tracii Guns" cuz Tracii Guns is my favorite guitarist.
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Very interesting. I just love jack daniels
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Love all the names

We just didn't have a clue what to call our Jaz when she was a baby, a friend suggested Jaz and Jasper for her brother (RIP Jaspy babe). So she became Jazmin

Jake was always going to be Jake, a name i have always liked

Izzy - she was named Baby when in the rescue centre, but after she came home with us and settled in she was a very busy active little cat. Busy Lizzy....hence Izzy
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When Lukas came into my life as a kitten I had a seal point named Gabriel-Lukas is a blue-point -We couldn't find a name that fit the personality & one day I commented the kitten looked like a little ball of light next to Gabe -with my Swedish background Lukas just popped out-Lukas is a form of the word light in Swedish-when I called the kitten he turned & ran right to me-& has been my "Lukas" a ray of light ever since
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Love some of the stories!!

All mine, apart from one permanent and one foster have been named, and as most have been oldies, I have opted not to change their name (plus I am useless at naming cats, the kittens I fostered didn't get proper names) - although people must have thought I was really unoriginal when I had Ginger and Snowy!! My second cat came without a name, and I wanted to call her Tiger, but my neighbour kept calling her Tigger, so I relented, but she was more of a Tiger!! And my first foster was named by my neighbour, she thought he looked like a Dixie!! I dont know how, he was white with black van markings.
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