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Labor Finally!

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Well every now and then taz has been jummping up and meowing out of no where, and sence i got her she hasnt done that. Anyway finally i picked her up after she jumped to her feet meowed and walked to me again. I checked out her rear end and there was a bit of blood droplets on her... area. Not really sure if there is certin word for it. Her Vagina i guess.
So i put her in her nest box, shes been following me around for the past few days and wanting to be in the living room. Well i put her back into my bedroom and in her box.

Im so excited im all jumpy and shakey. I called my husband to tell him, and hes like oh cool, kittens, hes just hoping that she will stop laying on him and purring at night, and kneeding with her claws.

But im so flipping excited!!!!
Oh, need to email the director of the foster parent program.
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Here's hoping that all goes smoothly!
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yay lucky u...hope dey come! gud luck
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This is a busy birthing thread today. Good luck and prayers are being sent your way.
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This is a very exciting time! Little kittens are on the way into your world! Please keep us updated and when you can, pictures are wonderful for all of us!

Just remember to breathe, keep your vet's phone number handy in the event you need it (we shall hope you don't!!) and settle in to assist if you need to. I feel certain you have already read up on what to expect and how to be prepared for it.

Best of luck,

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I keep going in to check on Taz, and she wants me to sit with her, she jumps up and starts purring and mewing, but every time i go in there the kids ( 2 and 1.5l) start screaming histaricly at the door, so i can never stay long, i think the boys are distrubing her, how long can she bleed ( just droplets) without having kittens if the boys are bothering her, Two toddlers are really noisy...
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Is there any way you can get a family member or neighbor to occupy the kids for a while? It might be best if you can devote some undivided attention to Taz ... a few drops of blood isn't abnormal before delivery but if stressed, Taz can delay the delivery until she feels comfortable and safe.
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Turn on some cartoons and offer then a incentive to be calm and watch a movie.
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the little one i watch went home, but taz dosent want to be in her box anymore, she keeps crying at the door and comng out, but ive convinced my husband to take my son for a nice long drive tonight, and treat him to something like icecream, they are going to take the puppy and go. I hope that that gives her enough nice quiet time to settle down and have the babys.

I know i saw blood, but im a bit worried that shes not really in labor, she wouldent bleed for any other reason would she? I mean it is really just a tiny little bit, not much at all...
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I hope to here some good news. Paws and fingers crossed.
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