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started nesting...woohoo!!

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she just been ripping all her newspaper up and messing her bedding up..yay!
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I hope that all goes smoothly.
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I will say a prayer that all goes well. Con grads.
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Krispin, can you put that newspaper in some old pillow slips or even better yet, take it out of her nest? It isn't very clean and the ink gets all over the babies because they are wet when they are born ... it really isn't the best nesting material.
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While on the subject do you know what the nesting material is ideal. I was going to use old towels.
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You will probably get a lot of differing opinions on what the best nesting material would be, but for me, old soft sheets, towels and blankets are what I use. I keep a couple of old sets of sheets and use one for delivery and the others as needed when a change is indicated. The blankets are usually balled up into corners of the nesting crate so Lex can nest and dig at her leisure.

Old towels are fine, but I would suggest putting them inside old pillow cases first. While I have never had a problem with this, the loops in the fabric of towels can potentially catch little claws.
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Ok good idea. I have old sheets and quilts that where gonna be tossed but I will keep them now.
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Old baby blankets work great!
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That is true I have a tone of those.
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I use the same thing as Gaye does, we have towels and blankets that we use, and have on hand to switch out when they get soiled. I also have several large washcloths on hand for when the kittens are born, if any need to be stimulated.
Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly!!
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I use the puppy housebreaking pads for the birth only, I layer all over the queening pen so that whenever on gets soiled I can just roll it off the top & there is a fresh one underneath, Great for soaking up all the mess & containing placenta's and such if not eaten by your queen. And then after I use old blankets or such, I usually pin down the edges since babies can get tangled up in them, Or I think someone had a great idea of putting them in pillowcases. Brilliant idea. I will be doing that from now on. I hope all goes wonderfully.
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I have plenty of those right now LOL. My baby did a popoo in the box YAAAAA.
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