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Sasha has FIP. His T4 was normal, but his white blood cell count was over 20,000. The red blood cells are now compromised with yellow something - I forgot exactly the word Dr. Redmond used - but she knew what she was talking about. He will have an ultrasound Wednesday to determine the extent of it, but the prognosis is not good.

Funny, SiSi (his mama and my beloved best friend of 11 years) came to me twice last week in my dreams. I had two very vivid dreams. She was chasing something in the snow - she loved the snow! - she was so happy, really happy. And she had her arms around my neck hugging me.

If anything.....Sasha will be with his mama and little brother Freddie soon and I'm comforted knowing he will not be alone.

I know I've had him on lease for the past 2 years since the coyote mauling. And he's such a hero to so many. But he used about 8 lives on that one, as he was never sick a day in his life until that night.....so I knew the 1 life he had left would be fragile.

I'm going to be off the Board for awhile to deal with all this and I love you guys for reading and supporting me through everything.
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for all of you
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I am so sorry to hear this about your precious baby!!!!
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E I just read this. You have my phone number, if you need to use it, please do so.

Sasha has not only inspired so many but he has left a lasting impression on me personally. It is not often that a cat can tangle with a coyote and come out of it alive. I remember well the days after the attack and all you did to save him.

There are some things Eddie, that we can't save them from. No matter how deep we love, how hard we try, or how much we hope. You will do the right thing at the right time because that is how you are. Give him a gentle kiss from us and tell him that his life force is needed in another place and it WILL fill the skies-

Prayers flying and a candle is burning-

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I am so sorry about Sasha
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so sorry to hear about your baby. know that we're all thinking of you and hoping for the best.
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I am sorry to hear that.
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I'm so sorry, Eddie. You're in my thoughts right now.
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Oh Eddie...my prayers are with you and your beloved Sasha.
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Oh Eddie, I am so very sorry. You and Sasha will be in my thoughts, enjoy the special, priceless time that you both have together .
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Poor Sasha..I am very sorry to hear this..I will pray for him.
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Oh, E-.....I'm just now catching this, , and definitely lack the words to tell you how sorry I am! You and Sasha are both in my prayers hon, {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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This just isn't fair I am so sorry E I have been following your thread quietly and just can't seem to put into words what I want to say. Please know that your in all of our prayers.
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Thank you everybody. I can't really say much either. He's happy, resting quietly. it's just hard, as he loves Spring and he loves to frolick and socialize with the other kitties on the block, and now he's just within himself. I notified the neighbors, who all took it hard, as Sasha is well-known in these parts. He's watched over everybody else's kitties, always being the big brother to all. He greeted me when I came home, quietly. He knows. He knows I know.
He will be laid in the softest white sheets, in a pretty basket with all his catnip bees from Pat around him, all 6, leaving one bee out for his little sister, who will be crushed. Saba never had a friend in the world until Sasha adopted her the day we brought her home from being rescued. I think that will be the hardest - watching her look for him.
We will be ok, and I could not even cope if it wasn't for this place.
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Oh Eddie, I'm just finding this now. I'm so sorry, my heart goes out to you and your sweet boy. I will keep you all in my thoughts.
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Oh Eddie, I'm just coming to this thread now. Please find comfort in knowing that you and beautiful Sasha are in my thoughts.
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Eddie i really wasn't wanting to read this update on Sasha

I'm so very sorry We were there for you when Sasha had his day with the coyote and we'll all be here for you again when the time comes for him to cross the bridge
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Oh no, Eddie

You and Sasha are in my every thought, through this difficult time!

Sending many strength and calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you both
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Last night Sasha hopped up pn the bed and just sat there, right next to me, looking right at me. He wasn't purring. He was communicating something..... and this morning he has refused to eat. I talked to him before I left for work and because I took so much time for my surgery and complications last Fall/just recently, I cannot take any more time off. I left music on, and Saba was with him. It's awful being away from him even for a minute.
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Oh Eddie!. I really wish we could all be there with you now, but we are 100% through the site here
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Eddie, I'm sure Sasha was communicating something to you. You said that he knows, and he was probably just letting you know that he knows; as well as letting you know that he's ok with it and is so thrilled to have been surrounded by so much love .

I can't imagine how hard this is for you all right now - we're right there with you in spirit Eddie .
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Oh no My heart goes out to you and Sasha. You are both in my thoughts during this difficult time.
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Eddie, my heart broke into little pieces when I read this thread.

We are all here for you and Sasha, our Coyote Clubber. Be strong with each other, cherish each other for every moment you can. 14 years can be so fleeting...
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Oh, I'm so, so sorry to hear this! I know nothing I can say will really help, but I've been where you are, and if you need anything, just PM, or IM, or whatever. I know that your vet may be able to give you something for his appetite. He won't be the bouncy, boisterous cat like usual, but I'm praying that he has some time with you. There is a certain amount that they can manage. (Becky - Beckiboo - helped me a lot by telling me that as long as they want to be with you, they haven't given up.) Hugs, Kim.
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I really, really expected it to be something so much more simple. I'm so sorry. I know you must be torn up inside now. My prayers are with you and Sasha.
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