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Oh Eddie I can not even begin to tell you how very sorry I am that you and Sasha are going through this right now. I wish I could change everything and make it all better for you. I am praying so hard for you guys.
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Thinking of you all with all my heart
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Oh E! I'm thinking of you and your precious one.
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I just caught up on this thread, and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I've been in your shoes, and understand the pain you are feeling. You are in my thoughts.
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Originally posted by sashacat421
Yes, Saba and Sasha are together. I agree and they aren't separated, no need to be. She seems to understand. She goes up to him and smells him and then sits with him and she's being real clingy to me, something which Her Tabbyness, Miss Independent rarely shows.
Thats exactly what Snowball did during Midnight's(RB) last couple of days here on earth. IMO, I think Saba is providing Sasha with a lot of comfort, so definitely let her follow her instincts and don't separate them.

Originally Posted by hissy
As hard as this is on you now, and as hard as it is going to get afterward, Saba will be the one that will need you most. Let her see Sasha afterward.
I agree, when Midnight was pts, the vet said that cats go through a grieving process that is very similiar to what a human goes through.

Elizabeth, I can't tell you how extremely sorry I am that Sasha is so sick and you are going through this. I'm sending lots of hugs to you and Eric.
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Our country vet is coming to the house tomorrow. He is a good, gentle doctor, an equine specialist, and was here for us with Freddie.
Sashie fell down the stairs this morning and has not eaten in a day. I do not want any suffering. He's too proud a warrior to suffer and all I ask is that the prayers that were given to me for my surgery last Fall are tripled for my big guy. I want him to know there are 8000 cat lovers sending peace and light to him.

Love to everybody that has been a part of this thread and his life here on TCS:

Fran, Susan, CommonOddity042, TillTiger, CloudShade, Lotsocats, kiki585, sharky, Heidi, Tanya, jama'smom, goo, sar, Stephanie, xocats, Lorie, Beth, Lauren, Chris, Bobbie, Karen, Tricia, Helen, MA, Trout'sMom, Etain, MoonNNoodles, Cindy, Linda, San, TuxedoKitties, Kluchetta, Sandra, BookTigger, Sadie'sMom, Laureen, Gail, Danielle, Susie, Lisalee, Kellye, GoldenKitty45, kelly, Missy&Spike'sMom, Anne, Jenny, Katachting, Kellyy, and Hope, and a very special Pat who made Sasha her poster cat for the catnip bees he loves so much that we buy. Pat lives down the road a bit from me and she has a very special bond with Sasha. I think we all do, it is here that we gather to share our forever bonds.
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We will all be with you and Sasha in spirit as you sweet boy makes his trip to the bridge. We will all be here for you after too.
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Goodbye sweet Sasha - you've been an inspiration to us all.

From Jana, Lucy, Carly and Much
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My heart is with you.
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I will light a candle tomorrow, and Sasha, you and Eric will be in my thoughts all day. I will also send up a request, for my most special darlings to meet him, and tell them all about who they will be greeting.

Words are failing me...
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Eddie and Sasha, please know that there will be spirits from around the world in your hugging circle tomorrow.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
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Eddie, I will keep you all in my thoughts as you help your sweet boy over the Bridge.

Farewell sweet Sasha, our brave Coyote Clubber. We love you.
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We're with you, Eddie. Sasha, we love you.
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Mega prayers to Sasha and you. You're so inspirational, both of you. Much love. I'll send a prayer that Smudgie meets you at the Bridge.
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E, my heart is with you. Fawn sends gentle puzzled licks, and I send many hugs It will be a sad, sad day for those he leaves behind, but he will rejoin his mom, and there will be so many friends there to greet him. Sleep well, sweet Sasha!
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You and Sasha are still in my thoughts.
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Thinking of you with all my heart and love, Eddie!

Sending Angels to guide Sasha and bring comfort to you

We love you Sasha
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I don't know what to say, we have shared this journey with you but I personally can only feel a fraction of the pain you feel and even that reduces me to tears so my heart is breaking for you.
I will be thinking of you all day, and in the days after Sasha passes. Know that you have given your boy the best life anybody could have and that he will be eternally greatful for letting him go to be with his Mum.
He deserves not to suffer anymore, and you deserve to not have to watch him suffer.
Love to both of you and Sasha rest in peace sweetie.
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Eddie my heart goes out to you all this morning Theres going to be a lot of candles lit for your little boy tomorrow thats for sure

We'll be there with you in heart to see Sasha go and make his journey over the bridge, but always remember that he's also watching over you
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Oh Eddie. You all remain in my heart at this time and always.
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Eddie...we are with you and your beloved Sasha.
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Eddie - my heart is with you, Sasha and all of the ones who love him so dearly. I know this is going to be such a difficult time for you; I'm glad that you had the days you wanted to let Sasha know once again how deeply loved he is, they are never enough though are they.

I will be holding Sasha close to my heart and thinking of him as he makes his journey...

...and you know I will be thinking of you too.

Goodbye sweet Sasha.
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Oh, I can't beleive after all this, Sasha will be going to the bridge. It's all so sad. My heart is breaking for you, this must be the most awful thing. I'm so sorry.
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E, my tears flow with yours........please know I love you and Sasha....

When the time is here and he begins his journey, please know that you are being hugged by so many of us that are with you in spirit.........
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I am so sorry to hear about Sasha. My are with you and I will light a candle tonight for Sasha.

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Originally Posted by kluchetta
Mega prayers to Sasha and you. You're so inspirational, both of you. Much love. I'll send a prayer that Smudgie meets you at the Bridge.
what sad news! but you know, as we do, what's best for Sash to you to keep you strong for your other furkids... Sash - look for Mouse over the bridge!
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I can only repeat what the others have said that I am thinking of you and dear Sasha. Try to remember the joy he brought to you to help ease your sadness.
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I am so sorry to hear this, I truly hoped you had longer with him. You are so very brave to know that he is unhappy and to be able to let him go, my thoughts are with you at this sad time.
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Sasha, as your soul takes flight to the angels, I know that you will always be cherished, forever remembered by Eddie, Eric Saba, and all those that you have touched here.

You are a cat of courage, a brave old soul, who had lessons to teach many along life's path. I thank you for your presence in my life through conversations with your owner. You inspired me like no other cat ever has, and when I remember how bravely your fought to stay on this planet, tears come to my eyes.

You will be the light that greets E one day in the future, and now, you are with your mom and away from the confusion and pain that no one could explain to you-

Thank you for being a great teacher and an inspiration to all-

Hugs E from our house to yours-
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I've been to this thread many times but did not post since everyone was saying what I would have said. MA sums it up best:

Originally Posted by hissy
Thank you for being a great teacher and an inspiration to all-
Thinking of you.
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