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Eddie and Sasha
My thoughts & prayers are with you.
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Eddie, my heart goes out to you and Sasha. You will make the right decision for him, never fear, and when it's time for him to cross, he'll be joining SiSi and Freddie, and all three will be watching over you.
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Please stay strong, Sasha and Eddie.
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Oh Eddie were all crying with you believe me. I held Sophie on my knee while i read your post and she's soaked in my tears

It's just comforting knowing though that once Sasha crosses the bridge he'll be the boy that he was before he became ill, and he won't be on his own either
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Eddie, I am so sorry - I just cried when I heard of Sasha's cancer . I really wish the news had been better. He has been such a rock for you, your protector and your companion. I know that you and Saba will miss him so much when the time comes. At least you have this time to hold him close and tell him all the things that you want to.

Sending love and hugs to you all
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I am so glad to have all of you here. He's still under the hot tub, but he did come out to eat a very nice breakfast. So far, the cancer has not affected his red blood cells; his oxygen level is very good and there is no jaundice under his lids or gums.
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Eddie thats so good to hear
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A couple of people have asked for photos, so they could feel closer to Sasha and actually see him during this time. At first I didn't want to, because he's so thin, but then I reconsidered because we all love him.

He had a really nice afternoon, here he is on the porch:

He deliberately walked over to Freddie's spot and sat there very quietly, for about 20 minutes, as if to tell him "I'm coming now."

Then he slowly walked through the yard to where I was gardening,

and sat in the warm sun keeping me company by the new annuals. He used to do this alot, every Spring, "helping Mom".

I loved this photo of him: head up, proud, strong Sasha, face to the sun. You wouldn't know he was dying, he's so noble here.
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we love you handsome boy

thankyou Eddie for sharing these photos with us
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Thank you for sharing these...they are wonderful, he has such a quiet, handsome dignity.
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I am glad that you decided to share Sasha's latest pictures.
He is still such a handsome boy.
Bless you Sasha and Eddie.
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Sasha, you're such a gorgeous boy! What a sweet darling you are helping your Mama in the garden! Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us, Eddie!
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Bless his little cotton socks

Eddie he's just as handsome, and you can tell he's thoroughly enjoying the sunshine

That one of him beside Freddies spot is just so touching
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E, those pictures are so precious.......I hope you don't mind, but I made the one of him sitting in the sun my background for my desktop..........we are all with you my friend...........
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wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for sharing such precious moments with us!

Sasha, you are as handsome and dignified as ever! Enjoy the sun and helping your Mum!

We all love you very much!
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I love you, Sasha. Shenandoah and Humble and I are praying for you.
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Thanks for posting those photos, Eddie. It looks like he had a very enjoyable day.
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Thanks for the photos, E. My, but he's a handsome boy, and so dignified.
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Look at the handsome boy. He looks so happy
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Oh E, what a handsome boy he is. He sure looks like he's enjoying his day outside. Thanks so much for sharing his pictures.
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I only first saw this thread last night, but couldn't respond because I was crying too much. Eddie, I don't have the words to express how truly sorry I am about Sasha. You all have been through so much, it hardly seems fair...not that it ever is, but still. I think you've made a courageous choice of care for your sweet boy. Why extend a life when it would be a life of misery and pain? If there was a hope of a cure, that would be different, or if he were a younger boy whose body could cope with the onslaught of chemotherapy, the choice would be less clear. But there isn't, and he's not.

Better he has a shorter, sweeter time to enjoy the spring and the love of his family.

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My 13 yr old cat was full of cancer - went from a solid 14 lbs to a mere 6-7 lbs in a few months. We didn't want him to suffer any more.
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I just saw this thread. My heart is aching for you. Believe me, I know how you feel, and what you're going through.

I pray for your strength when the day comes that he has to cross the Bridge. I know that God will give you the strength that you will need to get through it (He gave it to me, when I had to let my Snoopy go), and that Sasha will be escourted to the Bridge in the arms of Angels.
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Sasha is such a beautiful boy, he looks very good too. He remains in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thanks for sharing the pictures of your handsome boy enjoying the beautiful Spring day.
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Oh thank you for sharing his pictures! He is such a handsome boy!
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The sun is golden today, the air near perfect temperature (imo)..I hope you and Sasha have had another golden day outside together.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
My 13 yr old cat was full of cancer - went from a solid 14 lbs to a mere 6-7 lbs in a few months. We didn't want him to suffer any more.
SO many people understand. SO many.

Yes, it was another perfect Spring day out here. 75 and sunny - a warm Chinook wind coming down to the foothills where we live, blowing all the cherry and crabapple blossoms through the air. Sasha wanted to go outside and sit in the morning sun - of course he can! - so mom opened the door and there he enjoyed himself all day. We took Sandy puppy girl up to Mt. Rainier for a 2 mile hike along the White River, watching the rapids, and my heart and mind were always on Sasha....would he still be there when we got back??? He was, crashed out on top of the picnic table, happy. He ate all the food I left out for him, and you wouldn't even know anything was amiss except for the white powder residue from crushing his cancer pills over his food.....

We are truly humbled by the outpouring of your emotions for us and the way everybody hasn't left our side.
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Hopefully your hike gave you a bit of an opportunity to decompress after all of this recent stress, Eddie, even as your thoughts remained on your brave boy. Sasha, sweetheart, I'm so happy you enjoyed your lovely day in the sun!
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