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Happy Birthday Big Guy! There's so much love coming to you today of all days, and every day. Keep on fighting, Sasha! You're such a hero and legend in these parts.
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Enjoy your very special day, Sasha!
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Happy Birthday Sweet Sasha!!!

I am glad you liked the Internist. It really does make a difference when we can trust our vets. Like everyone else, I am still following this and we are keeping our fingers and paws crossed over here.
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Thank you so much everbody!! Yes, ineed, Mr. S is 14 today.

I can't believe that 14 years ago I found him behind the lawnmower in the garage with SiSi. He could fit in the palm of my hand and his eyes were closed.

I'm groggy today. Every hour last night I'd wake to check on him....so afraid. When he jumped up to ask for breakfast this morning, I was so happy! I did call and ask the vet team if we could please start anitbitoics due to the WBC count being so high and they said, no it would not be prudent if we don't know what we're dealing with yet, because different antibiotics have different reactions in cat and just to throw something at him isn't the best idea.....talk about conservative medicine! The one time I plead for medicine and can't get it. <sigh>

Sasha will enjoy being 14 with a teaspoon of his once yearly very favorite food: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream~~
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I've misssed a lot of this thread the last few days, and will go back when there's time to read properly, but just wanted to wish our favourite Coyote Clubber the very best on his birthday. I'm glad to hear he was looking for breakfast -- enjoy your birthday treat, Big Fella! I hope you get some answers soon, so you can begin a focussed attack on whatever it is.
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, Sasha! Hang in there, big guy - a lot of vibes are being sent your way! And tell your mom one teaspoon isn't enough!
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Happy Birthday Sasha! Here's wishes and prayers for a wonderful next year of your life!
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Happiest of birthdays Sasha...lots of folks love you!
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Happy 14th Bday Sasha
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
....that's just the way it is, isn't it. I thought to myself, "nobody wants to hear about Sasha, it's just too sad" and then I find I have to be here because Sasha, it seems, is happy and purring...it is I that can't handle what life deals out. My grandmother once told me that God deals us our life cards face down, so we don't know what's coming.
Elizabeth, I know people would want to hear about Sasha - he battled a coyote and won - that is something that makes him ultra special and he definitely has a place in everyones heart.

Sasha - I hope you had a wonderful birthday but again, I know you will, with a wonderful woman like Eddie in your life.

Elizabeth, I think it is so wonderful how in tune you are with your baby, there are not many owners like you and you have a wonderful spirit! Im glad that we have a person like you here and I am glad to have someone like that in my live, even if its not in person.
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Happy Birthday Sasha!! Enjoy your yummy ice cream!!
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Sasha's results from the Cytolab came back positive, Stage 4 (4 out of 5) for lympho sarcoma, a diffused form of liver cancer.

After curling into a ball and crying my heart out as he is also the last living connection with SiSi, I thought it through and made a very difficult decision that I hope everybody will support. I talked through all the options with the Vet, and have decided to pursue just oral medication precisely for liver cancer, no chemo, to see if it will generate a remission of some sort for Sasha. He is still eating, drinking, and happy. He has that tiny heart murmer, but in no danger of an imminent heart attack.

I declined Chemotherapy because of the Stage 4, Sasha's age, the former mauling by the coyote which may have weakened some areas we don't necessarily know about, and simply the fact that right now - he's happy. He would be subjected to chemo treatments that would zap his strength and happiness, his fur might turn awful, and he would have some side effects similar to humans, like vomiting, pain, nausea, and a whole host of other reactions, maybe.

I will talk with him tomorrow, not tonight on his birthday, and see what he wants.

If any remission takes place he could get another 8-10 months, or if it doesn't, this drug will at least maybe alleviate some symptoms as the disease progresses.....and the rest will be up to Sasha to tell me when.

I know some may disagree, but this strong warrior has had a wonderful life, with every comfort and amount of constant love a kitty could want. I do not want to end it with suffering.
Love and peace ~~
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Oh Eddie i was so hoping your instincts were going to be wrong

I'm so, so sorry chick

Were all here for you and we know that you'll do what's best for Sasha
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Eddie, I'm so sorry to hear that diagnosis. But honestly...don't think about it today. Love that big boy on his birthday, celebrate with him, and thank him for 14 wonderful years of friendship and love.

As for your decision, I support you wholeheartedly. As Kellye said, you are so in touch with your fur family and you know what Sasha would want. Besides, I saw a person go through chemo and I wouldn't wish that on anyone - especially an animal who doesn't completely understand that the side effects are for a greater good that may (or may not) give them more time on this earth, and who can make that choice themselves.
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Thank you so much Susan and Heidi. You two are such veterans of TCS, it means so much to me that there's support.
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I am sorry..no words to say how much, to hear this. But I completely understand. I don't mean to always tie things back to me, but it's how I write, relating what I've felt/experienced as a way to say, I know a bit of how you feel.

Patrick was diagnosed as having either severe IBD or lymphoma about 1 1/2 years ago. We went as far as an u/s but he was in no condition for an endoscopy or any surgery. We decided against pursuing chemo, and to treat him "as if" he had ibd. We were told we had 2-3 months.

As you know, we had another year and a half..most of it with him eating and very, very happy with life (he could still toss his Rosie Rats).

So...I understand and even if I didn't? No one can question your soul bond, and your love for Sasha...you will do what's best for him.

Hugs and with great affection for Sasha,
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and you have my support 100% as well my dear friend

I am so sorry to hear this news. Sweet darling Sasha is such a strong boy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART
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Oh E, you know you have all the support I can muster as well! You are so dear to me, as well as Sasha, and I hate both hurting. I support you in any decision that you make, because none of them are easy. We are here for you, 24/7, always know that!
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I am so sorry to hear that it isnt' good news - it is one of those situations where you want to be proved wrong. I totally understand and agree with your decision, there would have to be a very very good chance of a lot of good quality time for me to put a cat through chemo, especially an elderly one, as they simply don't know why they will feel bad, nor can they tell us truly how bad they are feeling, so I would do the same, and cherish the time I had, even if it is shorter.
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I am so sorry to hear this. No one knows your baby better than you do and there is no question that what ever you decide will be the best for Sasha.

Lots of hugs for you both

Celebrate his life today. Cherry Garcia for everyone to celebrate Sasha!!!
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Love and peace ~~

Happy Birthday Sasha
You are truly loved sweet darling.
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Oh Eddie, I'm so sorry to hear this. I understand and support your decision. You and Sasha have such a wonderful bond, I know you are doing what's best for him. I will keep you both close to my heart as you deal with this.

Happy 14th Birthday Sweet Sasha. I hope you are having a wonderful day (enjoy your ice cream!)
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about this. But goodness, I can't imagine anyone NOT supporting your decision. You know your baby the best, and I wouldn't put an elderly cat through chemo, especially if he's eating pretty well. I had to make a similar decision with my kitty, and you just know what they can take and what they can't. Hugs to you and headbutts to Sasha.
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Thank you everyone so so so very much. I can't sleep. I keep getting up to check on him, because I don't want to miss his last breath and tonight he seemed more weary than before. I know the two doctor's visits and ultrasound took a bit of a toll.

This place is the only place I feel any peace because I am surrounded by love here, love for Sasha - everybody loves Sasha and I tell him that all the time. Sasha has been so much a part of the TCS community. It's such a huge loss to me. Sasha was there when I lost my husband 14 years ago; he's seen me through good boyfriends and awful boyfriends; he's watched over Freddie and now is the only friend Saba has in the world; he's the last link to SiSi although I know he can hear her calling to him now. He has kitty folk waiting for him on the RB, and he'll just quietly go to met them. I just will miss him so very much, this rock of my life during the entire decade of my 30's when I finally grew to be comfortable in my own skin. He is so much a part of my life.

I need to cut his fur and put it in the little box I have with Freddie's tabby fur. I need to tell myself that the white baby blanket that SiSi nursed him on, and that he's sat on for 14 years must go with him, and that if it stays here in the house with me, it will be harder. Saba will inherit the plaid wool blanket underneath his sun lamp by the window.

Things come in 3's. First my ovarian cancer surgery last Fall; then the complications this winter, a mis-aligned pelvis that ruptured two disks and pinched my sciatic nerve - Sasha sat by me and cared for me. He wouldn't leave my bed until he saw substantial improvement; then, I wondered, what next? What will happen to me next? But the last wasn't for me, it was for him. Sasha's cancer - the third thing. Medical three's. And somehow I sense that he knows his work here is done. He's protected me and cared for me, nursed me back to health and now it's his time to go. And I know my back will heal perfectly and I'll be ok - because he's done. And it just hurtsmy heart so much because I'd rather have a broken back than to be without him! I'm crying as I write because it's finally hitting home.

I will go outside and talk to SiSi and tell her her very fine, proud, big strong son is coming home to her now.

Three kitties in three years is a tough one......others have had worse than me and I should be grateful I at least know what is making Sasha ill. At least I have knowledge and know that it will be peaceful and he will not suffer.
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Eddie, you are staying so strong. You and big S are constantly on my mind.
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Oh, E. So sad for you, so very sad. I hope you get a little more time together, but however that plays out, I know you will do only the very best for him, just exactly what he wants, because he will tell you and you will listen. And when his time comes, you will ache, and Saba and Sandy and Eric and all your friends here will hold you in love, as you bid the Big Fella a safe trip across the Bridge. Thinking of you.
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With you, Eddie
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We are all constantly with you, Eddie and Sasha

Thinking of you with all my love and heart
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