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Purring Kitten?

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Alright.....what does a kittens purr sound like at about 1 week old? I totally freaked out when I changed little man's bedding, picked him up, snuggled, and he snuggled into me, and started ticking. At first I thought there was fluid in airway, but he doesn't do it when he's moving around, or mad at me--just when he calms down and snuggles. Is this a purr?

Lol...called the vet again.

And weighed the little guy, we are at 2.9 oz.
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I never had any start purring that early. usually when they started, it was a very loud, sort of gravelly rumble which smoothed out with age.
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I have had kittens purr at a week old, but it was a very distinct sound that could only be described as purring though.

Could he have been "ticking" his tongue as when he is suckling or was it deeper down into his throat and chest? Is the ticking sound you are hearing a steady pace or is it sporadic and broken?

You will know that horrible crackle chest sound you mentioned in your other post when you hear it. Some people say it sounds like a bowl of rice crispies when milk is poured onto them.
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Maybe he was sucking his tongue.
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