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Thursday's DT

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For the last couple of days I have been trying to start the DT early so that it active by the time I have to go to my training. I feel I am missing so much stuff here with being in training most of the day. I try to sneak over to the site in the middle of class at least once during the day.

I feel yucky today. Kind of like something the cat dragged in, swatted around a few time and then left for dead. My whole body aches from my feet to my hair. I hope I am not coming down with anything - I am way to busy for the next week.

I went shopping last night and picked up the car seat my sister wanted - it was on sale. Only problem was lugging it thru the mall until my hubby got there with the car. I also managed to get mother's day presents for my mom and mother in law. They are both getting shorts and shirts because 1 - they are impossible to buy for and 2 they were on sale. I just have to pick something up for both of my grandmothers. I think I am going to get them picture frames that will be nice to put baby pictures in when my sister has her little one.

I hope everyone has a good day and I will try to check in latter.
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Adrienne, My mother would have said, "Something's hanging on you." (That means some bug is trying to infect you.) I think this changable weather is wreaking havoc on some of us. Why not take Mom to dinner next time? It's a treat to have someone else cook for you occasionally-and you get to eat out too! I love to get flowers, but I know some people think they're a waste of money. I think you've made good choices for this year, though.
Western PA is 75 and overcast. Where is the sunshine?
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Hi guys.... today is dull and grey and miserable.... phooey.... but I feel ok! - Tired, but ok!! I just had to sir through the longest most borrring speech ever - someone retirement speech... yaaaaawnn.... he's worked here for like 100 years and in his speech described every single week of those 100 years.... someone get me some coffee..... and make it STRONG!!!
But who cares, cos in just 40 mins I'll be leaving to go home!!! YEY!! (never mind I'll have to wait for the bus in the rain...frizzy hair here we come... )
But you know what, today we all have a good reason to be happy!!! WHY!??! Because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Which means... the weekend is here at last!!
Hope you all have/have had a great day!!
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I'm pretty much just having a bad day. I thought we were going to have a little bit of extra money, ya know so we could actually buy groceries not just enough to get by on. No such luck. I had to pay hubby's credit cards, including an over limit amount since the annual fee went through when he had the card maxed out. He doesn't even have a flippin job! He doesn't seem real interested in trying to get one, either. He would much rather work for people who don't pay him, but it sounds cooler saying that he produces a radio show, and builts web sites than having a real job.

I am truly at my wits end here. I can't afford the bills we have, I can't afford the apartment we live in, we have to scrounge to even get food in the house, and he won't do much of anything to help. Oh yeah, and he thinks we can buy a townhome or house this year. Right - and I guess I'm supposed to pull the down payment and closing costs out of my butt?!?!?

He's really not a bad guy, just a complete idiot with money. And he has problems with responsibility. (And people wonder why I am not ever having kids! I already have one!)

Sorry to unload...I really needed to vent. Thanks.
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I guess I'm joining everyone else whos having a bad day. Today is not going good at all. First of all I have a math test tonight, and I have NO IDEA whats going on in class. I am totally lost. And I also have to write up 30 notecards for my english class, not to mention that a visitor just cocked an attitude with me and some lady called here earlier and bitched me out because someone here faxed the wrong number and it is going to this lady's cell phone every minute. Then when I told her that I don't know who it is and tried to explain that to her, she hung up on me. What an a**hole!!!!! At least I am about to go to lunch so I can get out of here for an hour. I hope everyone else has a good day.
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Well, things are really looking up!! And I mean UP! There is now a tornado watch for Ohio and Western PA. I should keep my mouth shut about bad weather.
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Not much for me going on. Its been sunny but in the 60's. Isn't it suppose to be May? Its windy. It gets very cold at night! Tomorrow, I graduate from school! YES!!! I found out why I am graduating before I am through with the training. Its because they hold the graduating ceremony once a year. People who are finished before or going to finish in june or july, get to go to the ceremony. I already have my cap and gown. Hopefully, I can get my picture taken and post it here. I won't be speaking to anyone here until Monday! I am sticking around here for a while, working on Rascal's page and writing emails to family in Mexico. I have a cousin who is getting married and I feel bumed because I wasn't able to go! Oh,well!

Have a great day and a great weekend!
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Sorry to see it's been a bad day for some of you. I'm happy because tomarrow is Friday and then I won't have to deal with work for a couple days. I am at my witts end there and unfortunatly my escape is far off. **sighs** One day at a time I keep telling myself....
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I see I'm not the only one putting up with bad weather. I have been waiting for spring weather for a while now and it's STILL not here! Our temperatures are below normal, the meterologists aren't perdicting the weather forecast accurately, and since March, we have had horrible cold gusty winds every single day. Now it is supposed to be cool and rainy all weekend, during lunch break everyone was talking about all the things they want to do this weekend but can't because of the weather. Cabin fever in May is YUCKY!!!

I needed a place to complain about the weather...sorry.

Jeannie...We had tornado warnings here last night. It's one more thing for my list of weather complaints.
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Sorry to hear about everyone's bad day. Work was OK - busy enough to make the day go fast. My ex, finally came through with the paperwork. He ran up a $1000+ phone bill, our last month, together - talking to the cyberslut! No wonder I never saw the bills. Divorce will be final, Tuesday. I'm getting everything that I asked for: support, legal fees and he's paying for my car. Does this mean that I won? He's going to have triple bypass surgery, sometime during the next two weeks. I hope he lives just long enough to pay ALL of my alimony.
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