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Iams or Nutro??

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I have been wondering what is the best to feed my two kitties. Stanley was first on Nutro for indoor cats and then we tried whiskas... BIG MISTAKE! He is allergic to it and it cost me a few bucks to get that all sorted out.

Now he is eating Iams Original but has been gaining weight. I heard that Iams uses a lot of filler in their food, which means the cats never feel really full. So that could be why Stanley has been gaining weight.

In looking around Iams and Nutro seem to be about the same price. So I was just wondering which one is better for his health? Sadie doesn't seem affected by the Iams. They both eat it and are fine.

But if Nutro costs the same as Iams and is better for their health then I would rather feed them that.

I notice there are a few differnet brands of Nutro. Which is the best for an indoor only cat?

Sorry for all the questions. I tried searching last night for the answers to my questions but couldn't seem to find an answer.

I have a limited budget and want the best that I can afford. Are there any other brands that are fairly cheap but still really good for their health that I haven't heard of?

So many questions ha ha. I will leave it at this before I get too carried away
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I feed nutro. I just think that my girl deserves good food and healthy food. Just check the labels and make sure that its mostly if not all meat and not fillers or meat by products. Also do a search of foods. There are tons of threads that will tell you what NOT to feed your cats like tomatoes and certain fish.
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I'd personally choose nutro over iams, but i agree that you should do a bit of research on cat nutrition so that you know what to look for in ingredients.

Do you free-feed the IAMs?
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I agree, Nutro is much better than Iams. There are many types, just choose the one that most closely meets your cats characteristics (indoor, young, old, etc).
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All my rexes were raised on Iams without any problems and are are very healthy - oldest one is 17 (she's living with a friend), next is 15 yrs. There are different types of Iams - you don't have to feed the original kind.

I like Nutro Max too - the rexes liked eating it and I'd sometimes mix it with Iams.

They didn't like Science Diet at all
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I would pick Nutro over IAMS anyday.
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Thanks for all the replies...

I think I will travel to a pet store and spend a few minutes looking over the labels and prices in the next few days.

Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
Do you free-feed the IAMs?
I am not sure what you mean... but what I do is I fill up their bowls in the morning and then when I get home from work if it is empty I give them some more. Sometimes it's right empty and other times it's not.

How should I be feeding them?
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free feed means you leave out dry food all the time or all day //// some who gain wt easy should have meal time s and then the food gets picked up... I like Nutro though the indoor is not one I will use again
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Nutro for my kids. You can do a search on here, there are a bunch of threads about it.
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I feed my pup and my Skittles Nutro Natural.
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Both gave me nothing but problem, I'm with Pro Plan every since.
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I feed my babies Nutro Natural Choice because it has no by products. Iams uses by products. I would shy away from Nutro Max because it has added salt.
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Clearly people seem to prefer nutro to Iams, But I like Iams, that's what I feed all my cats, and when my kittens go to their new home, I have Iams kitten kits with a food sample as well. When my queen is pregnant she eats Iams kitten, she never looses weight after having kittens. Before I feed Iams, (her first litter) she looked terrible after having kittens, she lost weight, her coat was dull, she just didn't look like a pedigree cat but, instead like a stray. Now that I feed Iams her coat looks great, her weight is great, she just looks like she is in overall better condition. (The drastic change could just be it's better then what she was on before, which was friskies, meow mix, cheifs blend, or what ever my boyfriend grabbed) so to go from some of the worst to decent (if not, in my opinion, one of the better) has got to be doing some thing I have never tried Nutro, but never heard bad things about it either, I think it's a personal choice for your own animal, I like iams and I think, goldenkitty? did too, but every one else seems to perfer the other. I don't think I will change from Iams, mostly because of how my queen looks on it, and because my retired queen gets sick if she eats any thing else, but never got sick with Iams. I would (if I were you and wanted to know which was better for my cat) try them both and see which one had the best results with your cats.
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