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Feline FHO

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Does anyone have any information about feline FHO to share?

The latest of Professor Growleypants's maladies is that he randomly started limping a few weeks ago. I took him to the vet and she gave him some kitty aspirin and said it could have been "just a ding." He did seem to get better over the next few days although the limp never went completely away, he seemed to be healing nicely. Then last week I got home from work and he was crying out in pain and wouldn't walk unless completely necessary. The vet was closed by then but we went in the next morning and he got an x-ray. As you can imagine I was worried sick that he would have to be put down. The vet was able to tell us that it looked like the bones in his hip did not develop correctly when he was a kitten (perhaps as a result of being neutered early). He needs a $1600 surgery called femoral head ostectomy. The good news is that they believe after recoverying from the procedure the vet thinks he will be able to live a happy, pain-free life. Has anyone had a pet experience this??
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here is a website that provides detailed information


hope it helps.

Please give your baby plenty of kisses.
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