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Labor starting?

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This morning I noticed a small amout of clear watery discharge from my very pregnant cat! I'm now excited!! She is not showing any signs of anything else as of yet. Her nipples seem a lot fuller than yesterday hower she does not seem to be leaking. Is this the start of labor? Also with just some discharge is it possiable that she won't show other signs just all of a sudden contractions start?
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Sounds like very exciting signs.

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Sounds like labor to me.
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same here -- my foster pg kitty started shredding newspaper yesterday and today she has a watery discharge -- in fact, sounds just like what your kitty is going through (larger breasts, no obvious milk leaking). I have no idea if this is the beginning of labor, but I know it has to be soon!
it's exciting, isn't it?

It's also interesting that tonight is full moon, and when I worked at an answering service in college, there were always more pg women going into labor during full moon. Here's info on this month's full moon, from

April 13, 12:40 p.m. EDT: The Full Pink Moon. The grass pink or wild ground phlox is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names were the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and -- among coastal tribes -- the Full Fish Moon, when the shad came upstream to spawn. This is also the Paschal Full Moon; the first full Moon of the spring season. The first Sunday following the Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday, which indeed will be observed three days later on Sunday, April 16.

Keep us posted!

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I think you will be a grandma soon and her a new mommy. Good luck keep us posted.
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Any kittens, yet? not here...

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NOTHING this is driving me crazy!
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Calm down... put on some classical music... drink some tea... your cat can pick up on your vibes, you know!! The calmer the atmosphere, the calmer the cat...


Yeah. I'd be freaking too.
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Been 12 hours since anything is she ok..
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hee hee-
I've got the baby monitor in the bathroom and the receiver beside my bed! I think she is going to wait until Christmas to have kittens. :P

Sunflower is eating, so I am guessing that I will get a full night's rest tonight! She did swipe toilet paper and add it to her nest, and she has shredded another stack of newspaper.

Let's hope we are both pleasantly surprised with healthy moms and kittens soon,

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So cute. I bet she will. She needs mellow music
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So far she has had 2 babies! I will keep you updated!
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woohoo! How exciting... Pls keep us posted! My foster kitty is chilling out relaxing rightnow -- no babies yet!
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she wont let me leave but so far 5 babies ill check back asap
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Originally Posted by prncss89
she wont let me leave but so far 5 babies ill check back asap

5, eh? I sure hope she stops before the 20 mark.
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Congrats on your new little ones from Sammi and her new little ones!!
This is so exciting!!
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I am going fishing but I want a update I have been keeping a good watch out
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Well the kittens and mama seem to be doing great they have all gained weight since yesterday and seem quiet and happy. Their nursing well. Infact their all asleep right now and mama cat has walked into the living room to be played with. Well that only lasted 3 min cuz she ran back to her I will update tonight with gender weights and pics

Plus they all have a date set for mama and babies to be fixed!
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I am so glad and I will be looking forward to seeing pictures.
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