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tail chasing

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I have a 11 month old cat, Toby who was an only child. His was a difficult delivery, he was breech and about the size of a two week old kitten. Except for the fact that he loved human company more than that of other cats and enjoyed being carried like a baby he was always normal.

About six weeks ago he started playing with his tail, this seemed normal enough, but after a couple of weeks of just playing with his tail he now "fights" his tail. There's hissing, clawing, biting and screaming... it sounds like a real cat fight and all our other cats are very dismayed when he does it, rushing to see what's going on.

It was a week between the first and second tail fight, but it has become at least a daily occurance. He now seems to be trying to run away from his own tail at times, then will trun and attack it.

Any suggestions?

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I know it is normal for a cat to chase their tail. But I have never heard of a cat actually hissing at their tail. Sorry.
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Lately Rosies been chasing after her tail a lot and although she doesn't hiss at it, she'll look round at where it's swishing, make a chirrup noise at it then start chasing it again
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This is the only info I can find on that right now. I used to have a site bookmarked which had far more in depth info on it (someone else's cat had that behavior), but mozilla ate it.
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