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Computer Sound issue

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My computer is capable of playing sound. I know this because it does this every once in a while.

Here's the issue.

It only plays sound about 4% of the time. When it DOES play sound, it will not let me connect to the internet, none of my programs work properly, and I'll end up rebooting after a few seconds.

When it NOT play sound (music, simple noises, video etc), everything works fine.

What could be wrong here? I'd really love to know if there's a way to fix this, or if it's a sign aof a deeper issue.
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Well, this could be a sound card driver issue. Go to the manufacturer site and download the latest driver and this should solve the problem. If the sound card is an intergrated one, go to the motherboard manufacturer and download it. This should help, if not, let me know.

Also, try to keep all of your drivers updated.
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If you don't know what the sound card manufacturer is, you can also get in touch with the computer manufacturer's web site (HP, Dell, IBM) and they'll have a list of available drivers for the sound card or motherboard if its intragrated.

If this doesn't work, it could be that your network card and sound card are both using the same resource. If warranty is still available on your computer, contact the manufacturer and they can walk you through how to do this...or ask an IT person at work if they're willing to take a look at it. Usually they'll do it for a little extra cash (like $20-$50).
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