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Spayed Female Spraying Help Need!

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Hi all, this is my first post on the forum since I've joined.

I have Titch a 2 year old female who was hand reared and Skinny a 8 year old female who was left at the house when I bought it 4 years ago! Both have been spayed. My problem is with Titch who last year started spraying in the house. She backs up to furniture, tail twitches then squirts urine. I clean up the areas using biological washing powder to break down the enzymes then I use pet stain & odour removal products. It seems to be only when she is in season as over winter she didn't spray anywhere in the house (a nice break for me from clearing it up!!) She was spayed at 6 months and didn't start spraying till early last summer. I can cope with cleaning the furniture and the smells don't linger in the house, but she has now started peeing on my kitchen worktop! I clean it in the same way and I also have foil stuck on the back of the worktop but as the foil comes down she starts doing it again! My kitchen looks terrible with the foil on the worktop and when people visit it is embarassing to explain to them that the foil is because my cat is peeing on the worktop! What else can I do to stop her peeing on the worktop? She does have some behavoural problems with her being hand reared. She gets on ok with my other cat but I wouldn't say they were best of friends.... rather they just tolerate each other!

Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

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Hello and welcome to our forums!

Spraying can be so frustrating, and not easy to get stop. You mention that Titch has been spayed at the age of six months, but also that she seems to be spraying when "in season". Do you think she goes into heat despite being spayed? That is not impossible, but can and should be fixed by your vet.

Why would a spayed female spray? There are many possible reasons, and we probably not know all of them. Stress does seem to make the problem worse, especially territorial stress, so the presence of another cat certainly can be a factor. Genetic tendencies are also at play here.

I would suggest reading this article -

I have to say that I have heard about good results using Feliway, though only once you make sure your cats have enough territory to share between them. Do the cats go outside or are they indoors only? If indoors only, you should really consider adding space with either shelves or designated cat furniture.
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Thank you for your warm welcome and your advice.

Now you come to mention it, I found small dots of blood on the kitchen floor last week that were like the blood left by a female in season so she is not just spraying she is also bleeding in season time. Could it be that her spaying wasn't done correctly? I took her to a new vet that I'd never used before.

I've looked at the feliwell products but they are so expensive... maybe I will have to give them a try. The cats are allowed out all day and night by use of a cat flap and they have the whole of downstairs to roam plus the use off my cellar. It does seem to be only when Titch is in season so maybe I will get her checked out at a different vets this time just to rule out hormone problems and Urinary Tract Infections.

Thanks for your help I will keep posting my progress.
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