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So incredibly frustrated . . .

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This is continuing the Story of Festus (cat being treated for aggression) . . . so now he won't take the Paxil compound created for him by a local pharmacist, even though "great success" was predicted by the pharmacist. We've tried everything w/ the Paxil - he won't take it. It's been a week and a half of trying pretty much everything (mixing it with treats, Pill Pockets, etc.). Trying to give it to him manually has been a nightmare, and I'm afraid we're just going to provoke another attack. We've been following all of our behaviorist's instructions, but I still feel like we're just waiting for the next attack. Honestly, it's not about the money, but we've literally invested hundreds of dollars in this cat, and I don't know what else to do. If we can't get the medication into Festus, I don't know how I'll ever feel safe having him in the house with our toddler (or a future sibling).

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I am not familiar with Festus'story but was Paxil prescribed by your vet? To my knowledge, isn't paroxetine an anti-depressant? I am not sure if the pharmacist is the right person to give medications to a kitty.
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Hi, I'm curious about something... aside from the initial attack that started the whole thread here, has Festus had another such incident? I'm asking because I wonder if whatever set him off might have long ago resolved (for him), but because of your (very understandable!) reaction to it, leading to changes in his environment, schedule, consistent routine, etc., whether he's had any reasonable chance since then to show that he's over 'it' (whatever it was), and go back to being his old self, free of the stress he's been under because of it? I wonder if all the fuss that's now sort of ongoing, with his going to the vet, your trying to give Paxil and other things, changes at home in general, have allowed him to 'chill', or just continued his stress so that everyone thinks he's a huge problem, which he's picking up on, or if he's had a chance to be his old self even if he could? I hope you know what I'm getting at, and I also know you're thinking you don't dare take the chance, but is there no 'safe' way to kind of test it out for a few wks and allow him to just relax and be himself again?
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Yes, the Paxil was prescribed by the vet/behaviorist, but a pharmacist mixed up the compound into a "tasty treat."

Festus has shown increasing aggression/agitation in the past 2 1/2 yrs . . . There were a few "minor" attacks on other people in the year after my daughter was born and then a full-blown attack on my mother-in-law a year ago (after which we started confining Festus when other people came over). Then the attack on me a few weeks ago. Aside from the attacks, Festus is just a ball of nerves, and it seems to only get worse.

I totally understand where you're coming from, but Fessie hasn't been himself for a really long time. I think the Paxil could help, if I could just get it in him! Am going to call the vet/behaviorist right now for more ideas . . .
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I too have one of these violent cats. We adopted him because the husband in his original family was going to shoot him due to the cat's attacks on his wife.

Luckily, we have been able to modify his behavior without meds, though we always have to keep an eye on him so we can intervene when he gets "that look" in his eyes. But....pilling him used to be an absolute nightmare, and really it was impossible until I got a pair of thick winter gloves, trimmed off the finger tips and then I wore them whenever I had to pill the cat. This way he can scratch and bite all he wants, but I'm not going to be hurt. Also, I learned with him that I cannot hold his whole body down while pilling (holding down his body freaks him out), so I --- I don't know how to explain this -- I hold him mostly by his shoulders and then pry open his mouth and shove in the pill with my fingers. I then immediately give him a good smelly cat treat as a reward for taking the pill.

I hope this helps at least a little bit. I know how hard it is to have a "special" cat like this. I admire you so much for continuing to work with this problem boy.
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I do not envy your situation, and Unfortunately I have no advice for you as I am lucky enough to have a calm cat..But I just wanted to wish you the best of luck so you can all live happy and safe together!
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Couldn't the paxil be ground up and mied with wet food. I do that with lysine everymorning for Abi, she wasn't going to eat it at first but when she saw after an hour that it was the only option, she ate it.

I assume you have tried soaking rescue remedy on a treat and giving it to him. and donw the feliway route. or a chip of valium.
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Perhaps a pill gun is in order? I don't know. Festus' story breaks my heart. I don't think anyone could blame you for trying to find him a home with no children, as its very clear from your posts that your concern is for your daughter and mine would be too! It seems like you're beginning to think about it.
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