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The latest addition to my brood

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Just thought I'd drop in a picture of "Little Bit". He is the newest stray/feral to move into the waiting room, (playpen cage), in my house as he waits to go to the vet for altering.

I tried to let him roam free a little bit, but he is quite a sprayer so he just has to suffer it out in lock-down.

He can get quite temperamental too so I try to be careful in dealing with him. Had a couple of face scratches that have taught me some caution. He's just such a cute little guy though.

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oh, he's got a sweet little face - you'd never guess he's anything but an sweetheart!
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Oh my goodness he has got the sweetest face as well hasn't he
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what a cutie
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Lit Bit is very handsome!!
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So cute... his tail is huge, is that all fur?

~~orange kitty love~~
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he is a cutie! but he also has that look in his eye like "yeah, I'm cute, but get any closer...."
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Very beautiful fellow. I love his markings, and he has a sweet face.
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Welcome to the crew little bit. Try to hold off on the praying and mommy will let you free..
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He is adorable. What a cutie! Are you keeping him? Or just fostering?
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
So cute... his tail is huge, is that all fur?

~~orange kitty love~~
Yes, he is very thick coated. His face is rather flat and his legs kind of short so I was wondering if he might have a little Persian in his mix. He is such an adorable little cutie to look at and is always so lovey when I take him out of the cage, but when he knows he's going back in he starts swatting at me.

I've thought about adopting him out after he is fixed, but we'll see how it goes with all the other cats. Right now no one cares for the new guy in the house, (the other cats, that is), but it could end up being first tolerable and then just another family member.

It breaks my heart having to keep him caged, but it's really the only way till he has been fixed. So far there have been about 20 cats that have lived here, (highest count at one time being 11), and no one has sprayed or presented litter box problems that weren't easily dealt with. I surely don't want him laying the way for any others to follow suit.

Here is another picture of my new little terror.

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He is beautiful, lovely eyes
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Such a cute face and the colors are handsome.
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is he handsome or what! Love that face

He looks very similar to a ferel tomcat that has been hanging around here lately.
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Oh he looks so sweet I just wanna cuddle him!
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