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I know people who personally know the pipe bombing suspect who was arrested yesterday

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I am really releived that they caught him! Iowa is one of the states he had set some of his bombs in, and we had to keep our mailboxes open for several days....it was scary! I hope he gets the punishment he deserves, and also gets some help.
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This is someone who is from the general Rochester MN area like my son and I are, but we are from different small towns. It is really sad and shocking that this young man who had a lot of promise was making these pipe bombs and has messed up his life at the age of only 21. At work today there were a couple of people who were personally acquainted with his family. One of them said (as an explaination for the pipe bombs) that since Luke Helder and his sister were adopted, there might be a genetic problem connected with his biological parents. The other one knew Luke Helder's mother and said she was a very nice person. My son has some friends who also know this person. It is always really shocking when something like this happens and it involves someone from your area.
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I think that kid has some serious mental problems. What other explanation would there be for going to five different states to set off pipebombs. I hope he gets some serious punishment from the authorites for his stupid actions.
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That's so great that they caught him and he's being charged in a bunch of states!! And thank god he wasn't released back to his family. The only shame is that he didn't get a chance to use his shotgun on himself before they caught him. This may seem harsh, but it was just down the road from me where this dumbass kid made 16 of the pipebombs. I hope he rots in hell.
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I definitely agree with you, he should be locked up for the rest of his life!!!! Apparently he seemed to be totally normal to a lot of people until this happened.
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It's quite frightening how so many people seem normal and then they just snap and get all crazy. It's scary to think about that. At least there wasn't anyone killed. It's just terrible that there are still so many people who are still frightened and scared about getting their mail now. And so many still leaving thier mailboxes torn apart to be extra safe.
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It is possible that there is a history of mental instability in his biological family that no one was aware of since he is adopted.
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I am more of a "nuture" than "nature" believer myself, although obviously mental illness could be a pretty big factor in this case.

On one hand, his father is the one who turned him in to the FBI. Then I heard his father's comments about him, something along the lines of: "He isn't a violent person and would never hurt anyone. He is just trying to make a statement." How can you say he would never hurt anyone when he is setting bombs in people's mailboxes? It just sounded to me like he was one of those feel-good parents. Don't hurt their self esteem, do whatever you want to express yourself, son. Then again, even the guy who set the bombs said he didn't mean to hurt anyone. How do you not plan on hurting anyone by setting bombs? At the very least, the guy has the mentality (cause/effect) of an 8 year old.
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I agree that Dad's statement sounds foolish. I can't believe he meant that literally. He's probably in shock that a boy who has not previously given anyone anything other than pride could do such a thing. Recently, a young boy from our church, a boy my daughter describes as sweet, bludgeoned his brother to death. He and his family attended church together every week. No one at home, school, or church can understand. One has to consider the possibility of mind altering drugs, or temporary insanity for whatever reason. Either way, those parents have no children left. One is dead, the other will probably be in prison until they are in heaven. I didn't mean to go on and on; the point is my daughter described him as sweet the day after the murder. She was describing the boy as she had always known him previously. (I am not advocating that he should not be imprisoned!)
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I knew a boy in high school who is now in prison for life for killing a store clerk during a robbery our senior year. The money was supposed to pay off his father's jail drug debts. He was a good friend of my high school sweetheart, and even though it's a cliche, it was a great surprise when he was arrested several days later. He had been a good student, nice person, etc. But there had been this other side to him, wanting to help his father out. When I hear stories like this or the present bombing case, I feel sad because although we all want answers, I don't think we're going to get them.
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I read the father's statements in the local paper yesterday. The boy looked so nice. Yet, didn't the Unibomber look nice and promising until he decided to mail people bombs, killing at least 3? At least, they caught this young man before he did any real damage and they caught him soon. Not like the Unibomber who eluded the FBI for years and wrecked havoc, including three incidents here in Utah.
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