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Two cats suddenly aggressive towards each other.

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I have two female cats,indoor cats and litter mates, who last night Anna became aggressive towards Audrey. By aggressive I mean they were full on fighting and I had to put them on separate rooms. I found a few tufts of hair and a few claws laying on the ground where it happened. This morning I woke up and opened my door, they greeted each other, rubbed thier faces together, and followed me to the food bowl. Like they always do, I then fed them and figured everything was ok. Well 5 minutes later a fight broke out again, and Audrey hid under my bed to escape. Anna now will not let Audrey come out of my bedroom without hissing and if nessesary will chase her and want to fight.

The first outbreak was all of the sudden, I was playing and petting them not thirty minutes before. Now, they are indoor cats, but it was nice out and I had the window open when this happened. It could be possible another cat came by and Anna got a whiff and reacted this way, but I closed the window and shades right after this happened. She is still acting aggressive almost 24 hours later.

Which leads me to two conclusions
A. There might have been a cat outside the window and it sprayed it's scent in the house, causing the continued reaction OR
B. Anna is sick, and acting this way to be tough and left alone.

But if she was sick, wouldn't the agressiveness build up, and not be so sudden.

Please help, thanks in advance.
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Are both females fixed??

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Yes they are both fixed.
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Ok..wanted to rule out heat related issues first. You may want to try Feliway to see if that would help:

Feliway has been proven to be effective for:
* controlling urine spraying
* controlling urination outside of the litter box
* calming multi cat households
* ending or lessening fighting
* reducing cat's anxiety, stress, anger, fear

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I could see using it if they fought all the time, but this is sudden. Out of the ordinary. If there is some kind of scent or smell, can't it be taken care of with a febreeze type spray. I can see how Feliway can help cats with problems be happier but mine were already happy, but now hate each other. Well, Anna hates Audrey, I think Audrey wants to be nice. They are about two years old by the way and have lived in a apartment most of their lives, but have been in a house for the last year. Both still seem normal when apart, want to play and be petted.
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Has anything changed recently (within the past couple weeks) in their environment? How are they acting individually? Are either of them acting funny?

You're right...sometimes your kitties will act funny toward each other if one's sick.

Something that might help...try getting pure vanilla extract and putting it on each kitty's chin and back right before the tail starts. This will neutralize their scents, and possibly ease stress between them.

Otherwise, if you could think about anything that might have changed in their environment...that might be the problem.

Another thing...what are their ages?
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They are 2 years old, we had them since they were kittens, the enviroment hasn't changed much, a little messy maybe, but I've been cleaning last few days. Would each other's pee set this off, I found some pee spots on some of my roommates clothes he had on the floor, seems to be near where the first fight started. Maybe I do need feliway. Thanks for the quick replies
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