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Cat Quits Jumping Up on Things!

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I have a 4 to 5 year old housecat that just all of a sudden quit jumping up on things. I've always given her treats on the kitchen counter (which she quite easily jumped up on) - until a couple of days ago. Over the past 3 days, I've had to give her the treats on my coffee table since she doesn't seem to be able to jump up on the kitchen counter anymore. She tried a couple of times but couldn't make it! Then, I noticed she was hesitating to jump up on a chair to get to her food bowl. (I keep it there to stop my dog from eating it) I finally moved it closer to the floor so she could get to it. I've also noticed that she has a problem jumping up on a chair by the window that she so much enjoys during the afternoon sun. She just studies it for about 5 minutes, standing up on her back legs looking it over and then will finally jump up but I can easily see that it's a very determined and calculated effort. On top of that, she has always jumped up on my pc table and walked across my keyboard. But, over the past few days - she doesn't do that either! Nothing has changed over the past few weeks and she otherwise seems very normal and litter box activity is unchanged. (Plus, She still jumps up on the bed at night) She just now came and "told me" that her food bowl was empty and I had to go fill it up. Here-to-fore, she would always jump up on the kitchen counter and "oversee" the filling of the bowl. Not tonight! What do you suppose has happened to cause this type of behavior as it really concerns me as it's just not like her? Thanks.
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Take her to the vet right away - cats can't tell you what's wrong or even how bad they feel, and you need to find out what's happening. No one here can diagnose long distance and guessing would just be .. guessing.
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It sounds like something is wrong with her physically. I would do a vet visit. She could have strained a muscle, or her balance or cordination is off for some reason. She seems a little young for arthritis to be kicking in.
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I agree that you should take her to a vet.
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Agree with everyone else, a vet visit is in order. My cat stopped jumping when she was ill.
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